Ok, so I've wrapped NOTHING...until now.  So, I needed something to really get me going, and wouldn't ya know it, God totally came through for me today with a few helps:

1) the MOST awesome Christmas song collection on CD--->
"1940's Christmas" 3 pack!!!  Has a 1940's disc, a "Christmas Sing with Frank & Bing" disc, and a "Smooth Carols" disc.  All my most favorite Christmas sounds (next to Johnny Mathis & the Oak Ridge Boys).

2) the BEST wrapping set-up---> my fabulous 6 ft table (completely clear of anything NON-wrap related) in the MIDDLE of my living room!

3) the GREATEST compliment from Mr LKP---> on my vintage mailing label gift tags that saved us money (hooray!) and my handmade bows (he said they were most blog-worthy, and I'd never thought of blogging about them-but I love them.  And he's right, why shouldn't I share something I love on this blog?!)  He also liked that all this was transpiring today and not late on Christmas Eve.  (sad to say that I HAVE done that to him before)  ::snicker::

Hope you're wrap-star days are going well, and you that get to really soak the experience in.  There's just nothing like the feel of smoothing taped box edges, or drawing the ribbon through as you tie-up those packages!

From one wrapaholic to others: MERRY CHRISTMAS & our anonymous 12-step program will be meeting/starting back up December 26th!  =)


Heidi D said...

I think you and I were feeling the same wrapping mojo. I finally wrapped some presents today. Mine don't look half as good as yours though. I love those bows, very talented she is says I. I also love that paper, so pretty. :) Mine is what I got from clearance last year, but I really liked it. It's the shiny and thick kind.

My favorite kind of Christmas music seams to span 3 decades. The 40's, 50's, and 60's. You get all of the greats.

I really loved your comment that you left me on my blue Christmas post. I think you're very right about getting closer to Christ. I feel like I've kind of pushed him away this last month. Not out of trying, just from depression I think. I think tomorrow, if the roads aren't too slippery, I'm going to go to the temple. I think that will be something nice and help me fill up so to speak.

About coming over this week, I swear you and my mom were talking. : ) She was telling me the same thing. I was so close to doing it too. Things just didn't line up and I was being spontaneous enough I guess. We are going to be there on Sunday however. I wonder if the temple will be open next week? Probably not. If they are do you want to do a session? If I move over there we could have a temple girls night. Anyways, I just wanted you to know how happy and blessed I feel to have someone like you as a friend. You are sunshine personified!

Have fun wrapping gifts, I'll be doing the same thing. I'll be watching a Christmas movie instead of listening to music though.

Merry Christmas Keely, may your days be merry and bright. {smile and hugs}

Amy J. said...

I still have tons of wrapping to do! But I NEVER attemp such awesome bows! I don't have bow making skills. :)

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