merry christmas to ME!

i'm a whole new person today.  crazy to think this is really who i've been the whole time under all those wires & train tracks.  =)


Heidi D said...

WOW! Who's that geeeeoooorgeous girl?!? Looks good!

Are you lining up all of the things you couldn't eat before?

Amy J. said...

You look great! Beautiful smile!!!! What is it about today??? Jory Iverson just got his off today as well and his mom posted photos on her blog! I bet you can't stop rubbing those smooth teeth with your tongue! :)

Tauna said...

Well, aren't you just gorgeous! Love your beautiful smile.
You're still smiling aren't you? Yup, thought so.

Summer Lawson said...

They look great :)
How are things going? Hope the family is doing great!
Happy holidays from Utah!!

Cherie said...

I missed this post over Christmas. I had no idea you had braces and never saw you with them on but you are one Gorgeous Woman!! Beautiful smile :D Congratulations!!

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