So Our Christmas Card is FINITO!!!

Now, the adventure of addressing & sending them all! =0)

(Yes, I am aware its only Daisy on there this year.  Just haven't gotten around to the family shoot this year.  I promise the colors are much more classy & less "motorcycle-safety" green; they apparently just don't translate well to the blog.  And if you're family & reading this, you'll have one in your hot little hands before you know it.  So consider this peeking at your Christmas present a little early.  Sorry to disappoint!  If you're not family-by-blood, but are "family-by-blog," then Merry Christmas!)


Heidi D said...

Super cute! And Merry Christmas to you too!! :)

Amy J. said...

I LOVE it!! I just got mine done today as well...doesn't it feel great!

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