Advent Calendars: Here, There, and Everywhere

So my friend, Dandee, has some cool family traditions year-round, including her awesome hand-made advent calendar!

My other amazing friend, Cherie, is always in the middle of a cool tradition of her family's as well, ALSO including a neat advent calendar!

You've gotta understand that I GREATLY admire these ladies & their talents.  And so here I was....with nothing handmade...nothing as PHENOMENAL as either of these great pals' of mine.  And thinking, "Really, I should get on top of that and see if I can whip one or both of these suggestions out for my family before its too late"... atleast that's what I thought... 

Imagine how tickled I was to remember that we DO have an advent tradition of our very own!  (apparently my mind is so out of touch with our traditions this year---perhaps this non-working thing has turned my grey matter to jello.)  Our family's yearly Advent tradition is all in thanks to my SIL, Adie.  For our first Christmas (ages ago), she made us a "24 Days of Christmas" book!  It's this great 3-ring binder stuffed with 3 awesome things for each day in December leading up to the big day: A Christmas scripture, A Christmas carol/hymn, & A Christmas story.  Its truly so fun to be together as a family, all snuggly in our jammies at the end of a crazy day to focus on celebrating the Savior's birth & preparing for the last entry in the book---the actual scriptural account of 1 of the 3 most GLORIOUS events in time.

It's become such a fun tradition that I've made copies for close friends as well.  My MIL loves it so much she made copies of it for all the primary children's families in her ward last year.

So...look around you. You may already have a great advent tradition already, and didn't realize it.  If you don't, don't fret.  We don't want you feeling like there's one more thing to tackle in order to keep up with the "Jonses".  If its a new tradition you'd like to start, and you need some inspiration, feel free to borrow the idea behind our family's "24 Days of Christmas" book, or even those ideas of my friends' as I'm sure they won't mind sharing with you as well.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy making the season bright!


Heidi D said...

That's very neat. :)

I'm having the hardest time getting into the Christmas spirit. I guess I just can't believe it's that time of year again...so soon.

I made a felt advent calendar with little pouches that hold Hershey Kisses. I haven't used it in a few years though. I just buy the paper ones from the grocery store. Those are actually kind of a tradition anyways.

Wilson Family said...

Hi this is Shana Wilson (I am Elder Wilson's wife :) I love looking at your blog. You are so happy and have wonderful ideas or spiritual thoughts that make my days better. So thank you for that. Now when I saw your December Book I told Stuart all about it. He told me to leave a comment on your blog and see if you might be able to email me a copy. I told him I wasn't sure if you had email versions of it. But if we could even pay you to make us one I would love that!! Please let me know. Oh by the way we have a blog too. it is www.stuwilsonfamily.blogspot.com


You can email me at shanawilson6@msn.com and I can give you more personal information there.

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