O Holy Night or Window...Whatever!

No blasphemy intended.  Just excited to announce that this year's Christmas window is UP!  And, might I add, lighted for better viewing pleasure than at Halloween.  Drive on by for a gander, or even drop in.  Cocoa only takes but a couple minutes to whip up!

Since I'm now exhausted (and its FHE night), Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!


Heidi D said...

That is most awesome! Snoopy dancing on a piano will now be dancing through my head.:)

We're all going to be in town on the 20th and going home on the 24th. If you guys want to get together anytime then, that would be great. If you can't I understand too.

If you haven't made your marshmallows by then, I'll bring you some. No corn starch, just powdered sugar.

The Garden of Egan said...

I have loved Snoopy and Charlie Brown forever. I think if we all listened to their wisdom we would have world peace.
Get some rest!

Amy J. said...

Did you paint that by yourself?! It looks amazing and soooo fun!!!!

Cherie said...

Keely - It feels like forever since I have been in the blogging world - hee hee.
I just got your comment and I am so glad your party turned out great. I love all that you did - it sounds wonderful and I think the couscous would be fabulous!! What an awesome night for your ward!!
I hope you find some pictures. I would love to see how everything looked!! I did "Breakfast in Bethleham" last year for our ward and loved it and I may start trading off each year. I think it is nice to be well rounded (wink wink!).

I love your window here. The peanuts gang has a special place in my heart - Good job!!!

Your Christmas card below is lovely too!! You are so on the ball!

I was exhausted today too!! Those parties take alot out of a person - I almost fell asleep in Sacrament meeting this morning - ha ha.

Hope you get some rest, congrats again on your party and enjoy December!!!!!

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