W.I.W. #1

Completely flustered, a person arrived for their appointment over 40 minutes late and the next appointment was due to start any minute.  Add to the tardiness, English is not the patient's first language.  So when other receptionists would have treated them with disdain because of language barriers or turned the patients away for being even 10 minutes late, a sweet gal behind the counter didn't even hesitate or think twice.  She put down the tasks in her hands, and went about preparing a place for them in the clinic to be seen, as well as treated with respect.  Not a single murmur escaped this woman's lips.  Not a feather ruffled.  She escorted them throughout their visit as if it had always been the intention to see them at the time they had arrived.

We, ourselves, may be running a little late in our arrival.  However, you would never know it based on how Jesus Christ accommodates us.  He is always about His work, yet when we do finally join Him we are His only priority.  We are not lectured, ignored, second-rate or turned away.  We are His.  It has always been His intention to accept us as we are & glorify us to something more fitting.

In this day when taking a ticket to wait in line is practically unheard of...where our society is always in a mad-dash to move on, and no one should get in the way, it is refreshing to witness patience...respect...and honor...this is the manner in which the Savior welcomes us.


The Garden of Egan said...

Thank you for that reminder of what is really important, charity, time for others and love.

I love it! Thank you.

Heidi D said...

Keely, you have one of the sweetest spirits. I really love your strong testimony and how freely you share it. :)

Cherie said...

That was really beautiful. We all could slow down a bit and take time to be civil and give our time to others.
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family Keely!
I want you to know that I am grateful for you. I started reading your blog and you have so much insight and are such a giving person! Thanks for being you:D

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