What I Witnessed: Cherie, This is All Your Fault!

So my sweet friend Cherie commented on my last post about Elder Holland & Elder Perry with the following profound statement, "Sometimes ordinary people do the most extraordinary things and only a few...are recorded. It is amazing to think of all the kindnesses that happen in our world still."

Obviously Cherie's observation set the rusty wheels & cogs in my head a-whirl, which yielded this new feature on this blog for the remainder of the month. It may feel familiar, as last year my blog became an online gratitude journal.  Something along the lines of a fantastic idea I fell in love with from Oprah well over 7 years ago (though I used to do it with pen & paper).  The difference, this year, is (aside from us already being halfway through this month) that the rest of this month's posts will definitely be of things I'm grateful for, however they will not be a perpetual list of sorts...instead they will be a report of kindnesses I've witnessed each day.  (Well daily entries are the goal, though I may miss a day here & there.  But I'll try real hard to report daily.)

So, blame this inundation of your Google reader on sweet Cherie!  Lol.  Perhaps, however, you'll gladly look forward to regular evidences of the Light of Christ which burns brightly within people still, even in these last days.  The world may be more dark & more wicked than ever before in history, but there really are good people & kind acts all around us.  The trick is to slow down long enough to notice, and be brave enough to report about them.
Remember that awesome movie years ago called "Pay it Forward"?  Well, just like smiles, kindness is DEFINITELY contagious.  So, be prepared to be part of an epidemic with "What I Witnessed."
Stay tuned, watch for this, and know that I might rat you out (anonymously of course)!


Cherie said...

What a great idea. It makes me want to notice all the kindnesses around me too! I can't wait to hear what you see around your world!

The Garden of Egan said...

I look forward to what the rest of the month is going to bring! You write so well and it's a joy to read. You are inspiring and yes Cherie is awesome!

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