I know, right?  Where's the W.I.W. updates that were promised?!  I make the commitment, post only ONE so far, and then disappear!

You're right, it's unacceptable.

Regardless, I wanted all to know that I have not forgotten, life's just been flying at around mach 10 lately.

Last week's Bowl-a-Rama was a SMASHING SUCCESS!  (those who weren't there were missed terribly, we did have an amazing time as well as turnout, however I forgot my camera  ::frowning:: )

Last day of work was 2 days before Thanksgiving, so I was relieved & had OODLES to be thankful for!  Also spent time with both of my parents' as my mom & grandfather joined us for turkey dinner at our house (along with a couple hungry missionaries), & my aunt who's been dealing with Celiac for years & years stopped by with her kids for a brief visit.  Later we went to my dad & my other mom's home for some ice cream & a rousing game of Settlers of Catan!  I think we have my "Uno-Only" dad hooked.  Hooray!  Daisy even enjoyed some time with the Cassidy family, and icing on the cake her dad was able to navigate the pass safely & so she was able to spend time with him as well.  It's always great to get together with him when he's able.  We're thinking we're going to have to get him hooked to Catan as well at Christmas!

Our house is mostly decorated, or at least in the decoration process.  For the first year ever, the tree did NOT go up on Thanksgiving Day as we were all over the place.  Plus, Daisy requested we hold off on putting it up until after she returned home from her dad's.  Couldn't deny the request, so that's what we're up to this afternoon.

Speaking of today, I LOVE today.  Today was an adventure for our entire family, as it was Daisy's first youth temple trip since she joined Young Women's.  The last time we were all together in the temple was almost 7 years ago when we were sealed for time & all eternity.  Tears definitely came to my eyes, but why is that shocking?!

Today is a great day.  Hope it is for you as well.

Our Youth & Their Leaders

(Don't worry, I'll get back to the W.I.W.  I've been seeing good, just need to be taking a notepad with me to jot it all down.  Too much in my brain as of late to go at this task with only my own faculties to help, so enter in some note-taking!  Considering that, and the fact I've got our ward's Journey to Bethlehem to put together, let's extend the W.I.W. feature indefinitely.  So as I come across kindnesses, no matter what time of the year it is, it can edify us ALWAYS!  So stay tuned, and before you know it W.I.W.'s will be popping up everywhere!)

P.S. It's been a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday/weekend as I count all of you blessings in my life.  Thank you.  Also fabulous, this weekend marks 8 years since Mr LKP & I got together!  WOO HOO!  I have an amazing family, and a most spectular man who stands at the helm as Priesthood Holder, husband & father.  We are truly blessed beyond our own ability to fully comprehend.  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday & your Sabbath.

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