Our Coolest November VT Idea Ever! ***UPDATED***

So, my visiting teaching partner had a great idea for this month since its shorter.  Due to the holidays, people being both out of town & having people in town, my companion wants to give "condensed" VT visits this month!  Hence, I'm putting together magnets which feature Elder Holland's closing remarks from his General Conference talk called "Safety for the Soul" from October.  Along with the magnets, there will be a can of either condensed milk or condensed cream of mushroom soup (still haven't decided which will be better---or more useful for Thanksgiving dinner, as both seem appropriate...maybe the soup, with a can of beans & french fried onions for green bean casserole...what do you think?  Too much?).  So, I plan to drop them off in the next couple days so our sisters aren't burdened by a cumbersome visit!  The other part that's awesome is that this very Sunday, our stake's getting a special visit from a very awesome Elder Holland, so the magnet's perfect...and so's my companion for being awfully inspiring for me!  =0)

***UPDATE: There have been requests for permission to use the magnet idea/magnet layout...ladies, have at it.  Permission granted!  As I promised my friend, below I've also included my new & improved Warhol Campbell's soup can that plays well into the "condensed" VTing idea.  Both I put together for optimum use at 4x6" however, the dpi should be high enough that they could be enlarged a little & still be ok.  If you'd like these files emailed to you, just drop me a line at krromm (at) gmail (dot) com.  So, have fun, and take care of those VT ladies of yours this month.  Don't let the month pass by without spoiling them!  =) ***


The Garden of Egan said...

That is such a great idea!!!!!
I would have loved a condensed visit this month.

The Garden of Egan said...

I think I would like the kit, cause it's complete. Now if I were to get the condensed milk, I would also need the sugar, butter and other ingredients to make carmels or something. But the kit to make the entire green bean casserole, that's sweet!
And you are an aspiring photographer too???? I need the details of what kind of camera, how advanced, how did you learn.....I'm a wannabe camera expert, but don't know how to use all the buttons on mine! I need a patient teacher!

Amy J. said...

Is your idea and magnet stealable? Am I allowed to copy such a cute idea and use it to my hearts delight?

Amy J. said...

WooHoo!!! Thanks so much!!!

Cherie said...

Ummmm CAn you be my Best Friend?? Seriously this just goes on the list of your many, many wonderful and amazing ideas!!
2 of my V.T. ladies had babies this past week and so this would be perfect!! PERRRRR-FFFEEEccccTTTTT!!!
With a capitol P!!!

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