...Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens...

Apparently when you're sick AND COHERENT you, naturally, blog!   If YOU don't, then maybe YOU should.  Just saying.

Today my thoughts are on the musical & Sound of Music side (understandable considering the Holiday season threshold upon which we currently stand...that, and the drugs I've been on---you'd hear Julie Andrews in your head too!)
So in keeping with the line, "...Brown paper packages, tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things":  

(((...really i do LOVE plain brown packages tied in simple white cotton string!...)))

#1-My family.  They are fantastic.  They love me even in my gross sick state.  Besides the illness though, they support me in everything!  Whether it's a new grandiosely schemed church activity or this new lifestyle change with my allergies.  (Trust me, they're not starving.  They still get their fun foods, but are eager & awesome about helping me avoid what I shouldn't eat.  They even seem to ENJOY these crazy new creations!)

#2-Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  (((dig this picture?  check out latter-day keepsakes)))  I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I love, admire, & appreciate my Heavenly Father.  And I ADORE that I get to be with my awesome family for time and all eternity.  Families are forever.  Its not just a fabulous idea or saying, its the absolute truth.  I am so grateful for the power of the Priesthood, which is the authoritative power to act for God, in accordance with His will here on Earth.  It brings such peace & healing into my home and family. Without all of these blessings & truths in my life, I wouldn't just not be who I am or where I am.  I would not be.

#3-Modesty.  I can be who I am, do whatever I need to, and enjoy every ounce of life with peace of mind---all thanks to modesty.  Its not just a matter of being covered.  It's about being 100% comfortable no matter the situation.  It's not just about avoiding the flashy & crass.  It's about having self-respect.  It's not about living a completely starched, sterile life.  It's about living every vivid moment & experience without hesitation.  Its not even about "blending in."  It's about standing out as a royal daughter of God, regal yet unique.  (((the dress?  check out sHaBbY aPpLe)))

#4-A good, clean piece of literature.  I relish the kind of book that's pages wrap themselves about you & keep you warm.  Be it C.S. Lewis, Dickens, or Scripture...it is a thing of beauty to find yourself enveloped in lovely words.

#5-Music.  Old standards are my favorite.  Sinatra, Martin, Crosby, Torme, Bennett, Armstrong, Fitzgerald, Holiday...and new names like Connick & Buble are some of my favorite voices of all-time.  Hymns also hold a special place in my heart...they have this amazing way of calming my storms.  Fresh, fun, clean indie works are gems too.  All of these share one common element, they edify.  They lift me to happier, wholesome places.  (((and, yes, i DID used to own a portable record player just. like. this. as a child)))

#6-Organization.  I can't live without totes, baskets, hooks, recipe boxes, and button jars.  When I can organize my home & it STAYS organized is the best!  Being an all or nothing kind of gal, its frustrating for me & life seems impossible when all is in disarray.  Through the years I learned to better pick my battles.  I used to have my craft room/office in the spare bedroom, however it was too easy to close the door & ignore the post-apocalyptic disaster following holiday wrapping...or taxes.  (((think something like my pal dandee's, only on a more regular basis)))  Instead, now my office is in my living room for all to see (more motivation to not ignore it), and our entertainment room is now located in the spare, WITH the door off the hinges so its easier for the family to care for it too.   Ha ha!  The tricks up my sleeves don't stop there...they're just barely budding.  Hopefully soon though I won't have to "pick-up" my battles at all.  I'll just have better, more decisive tactics.  =)

#7-This time of year.  As the temperature lowers, the speed of life feels in some ways that its also winding down.  Perhaps its because of the choices I've made, perhaps its just the season...perhaps both.  I'm so much more reflective & all about soaking it all in.  The memories from the past stretch out & connect with the present and its a beautiful thing.  I feel like a more complete person at this time of the year.  Full circle.  Whole.

Happy Sabbath & Happy Autumn!


Cherie said...

Thanks for your GREAT comment(s) on my blog yesterday. I loved them. You were either hallucinating or bored or both - ha ha. Very descriptive and I loved every minute!! So the beginning of this post kind of made me giggle - if you have the time you should blog (or comment)! Are you feeling better yet??
I love this post. It is definately the time of year to ponder those things we are grateful for which often equals our favorite things.
I love that you love old music. I have to be in the mood but when I am I really do love to put on all of those old songs. I love the male "raspy" deep voices and many of those old guys have that too!
Organization - I picture you very organized. If I had my stuff in my living room no one would dare enter my house - they would be terrified!
This time of year is also my favorite - so much beauty, memories, feelings, smells - love it!
I love the way you write. You are so descriptive and have a great way of getting your feelings across - a talent there for sure!
Enjoy your Sunday and hope you are feeling good ;D

Amy J. said...

I hope you are all on the mend! Great list...don't get me going on how upset that books don't have a rating system. Anderson picked out two books the other day at the store and we had to take them BOTH back for language and lots of the other stuff!! Good Literature is so important.

The Garden of Egan said...

Came over here from Cherie's blog! I'm not disappointed, you are quite amazing. Love what you had to say. Hope you get feeling better! Until you do enjoy blogging!

The Garden of Egan said...

OK, now I want to know about you! Grew up here? Ya, I know the sign on the interstate, I stole the idea for the sign I put in my garden. Have loved it!
Your comment was sooooo sweet. Made my day.

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