Halloween 2009

Yes, I know its almost half a month late, but here are pics from Halloween.  Eyeball soup made an encore appearance for the 2nd Annual Progressive Carnvial.  Due to my illness, there will be NO pics of me this year...you didn't miss much: me in my footie PJ's, hair yanked back in messy pigtail buns, some fake freckles---yes I went as a little kid/baby.  But hey, it was comfy & it worked while in my garage for 30 minutes.  From there, Eyeball Soup migrated to our front porch with the fog machine & the strobe light jack o'lanterns & pile of pumpkins.  The remainder of the evening I vegged on the couch while Mr LKP & mini-LKP enjoyed the rest of the Carnival activities & some good old fashioned trick or treating.  Between knocks at the door, I indulged in Christmas movies!  That's right, laugh all you want cause I'm laughing right along with you.  I'd almost Great Pumpkin'd my brains out by the time actual Halloween showed up, add to that the flu & I was definitely overdue for some comfy holiday cheer.  Daisy went as Puss in Boots from Shrek (well that's what she told everyone, cause for some reason no one but us seems to remember Christopher Walken in the 1988 movie role!)...whatever I guess.  Thank goodness my hunny refused to go as the Mad Hatter this year (since I didn't get to Alice in Wonderland liked I'd wanted too).  Instead he'd planned on going as the grape guy from Fruit of the Loom (cause THAT'S not more embarassing than the Mad Hatter?  Really, Kellogg's?!)...however, time ran out, only half his balloons/grapes were inflated and none were attached to his custom-dyed sweat suit.  So, he went as "Dad of the Year" instead-just a plain clothes version of him!  Other costumes worth mentioning of course my nephew's.  At the last minute (literally less than 3 hours before the Carnival started at the Bishop's house my nephew finally chose a costume: Jack Frost from Santa Clause 3!  Actually, despite the lack in time to develop it, he looked great.  So he, my daughter, & our friend Jason (the camo kid) knocked some doors in the neighborhood and then paid visits to grandparents' houses together & had a grand time.  My other nephew went to a different neighborhood with his younger cousin that night as Shaggy & Scooby.  His younger cousin actually rocked the same Scooby costume I had made for my nephew 7 years ago!  I have to say, it made my day to hear it.  =)  Mr LKP topped off the kids' evening with corn dogs from Sonic.  Insulin shock & corn dogs, what more could a kid ask for?


Amy J. said...

Jack Frost!! I thought he had been playing the flower game! :)

I am not laughing...I am ready to put up the Christmas tree and we always do BEFORE Thanksgiving. It makes my favorite season last a touch longer.

Heidi D said...

Those costumes are really awesome! I love the Halloween carnival idea. That sounds so fun. :)

Are you feeling better? I hope so. I think Jeff's getting sick. :P I really hope I don't.

I'm going to do one last post on Halloween. I've been asked to do close up shots on Lyndsay's costume...I was planing on it anyway. I spent a lot of time and mental power on that thing, I'm showing it off. :)

Cherie said...

Love the costumes. I am sad to say I think of Shrek when I think of Puss N Boots too. Look what the media has done to us!! The costume rocks though and Jack Frost - Love that one too - VERY creative.

I am glad your Halloween Party went great even if you were Great Pumpkining your brains out - ha ha.

sorry I shouldn't laugh but you are so funny!

Nikki said...

Daisy looked awesome. It's a shame you were sick....but I'm sure you rocked your pj's :)
Eyeball soup, fog machine and strobe lights... great decorations.
Off to check out the other posts

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