This'll Sound SOOOO Gross to Many, But to Me it Was HEAVEN!

I. Ate. a. Sandwich!

Big whoop, you say? It is a VERY big whoop as I've not had one of those in approximately 8 weeks now!

Here's how it worked out: Took the most miraculous gluten-free buckwheat pancake recipe, used sorghum flour (from Bob's Red Mill of course!) for more fluffiness, reduced the amount of sugar & they acted as my bread. No can do mustard (in any form) & typically most mayo is off the list as well with all the soy in every jar I've found at the store....but mayo's only off the list if its off the shelf, soooo...we made our own tonight! Instead of ground mustard, as the recipe suggested, there was some salt & pepper & a dash of basil (perfect bit of zing to it). So, in was slapped a slice of Tillamook Cheddar (oh thank heavens for Tillamook!), some shaved roast beef and VOILA:
I. Ate. a. Sandwich...and I felt practically human again!!!

Boring?....Live 8 weeks on my diet & you'd also believe tonight's event should be marked with a national holiday as well! =)

If this is how good Monday is, I can't WAIT to see what else this week will bring. Have a great week, everybody!

**NONE of the products mentioned in this post were shared as paid mentions. The items weren't even gifted (SO BACK OFF GOOGLE!) These are all things I purchase for my pantry on the regular. I spend my family's money on them because we LOVE them & they are worth spending your hard-earned money on. So go forth & fill your own pantries with them (Especially Bob's Red Mill products). You'll be glad you did!**


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Yay for finding ways around your dietary restrictions! :))

I'm glad you got to enjoy something soooo much.

Lisa said...

a sandwich?!!!! what's next? pizza?!!! holy crapola, i'm so excited for you. for realsies ; )

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