ebidi-ebidi-ebida...That's Right, Folks!

Yep, we're a statistic.
Mark us up there with the rest of the world: 2 out of 3 of our most valuable players have been down with Swine Flu all week.

Mine hit me like a ton of bricks at work last week.  Miss Daisy started at the beginning of this week.  No-fun central as we've been quarantined to our house, except for trips to the doc of course.

Truly folks, the media's got it way over hyped.  Does it totally suck to be sick?  Yeah.  Does it royally suck to miss work for a week solid?  Some would say its a vacation, but the whole week I worried about the gals at work!  I wanted to be there to help out, and seriously MOST all of my delirious dreaming was about work.  It was obvious where I wanted to be, that's for sure.  Each night, before bed, I'd think "tomorrow's the day!  I'll be good enough to surprise everyone at work & hopefully relieve them of whatever stress my absence created."  Unfortunately, it was a no-go as the bacon-flu's definitely cornered the market on multiple trips to the loo....and multiple is an UNDERstatement.
I can't wait to be back to normal, with a calm tummy.

So, be prepped everyone.  If ya get it, it's not an enjoyable time, but its not the end of the world.  After talking with Daisy's new doc (and ladies, let me just say that Dr. Batayola is FABULOUS---we're quite happy with him), we understood why the hospitals & other offices aren't testing for swine flu anymore: its a $300 test that no insurances cover, & it takes like 12 days to get the results back from Olympia!  So the docs are saving you money on a test who's results don't come back to you in the mail until AFTER you're all better!  And as far as the medicines to help shorten the duration?  They only shorten the symptoms by 1 measly day and, again, are very expensive (not to mention sold out throughout the TC's).  Dr B. recommended to do whatever your grandma would do to cope, and your body'll do what it does best: repair itself & get better!

So, don't stress.

Media over-reaction?  YES.
Government conspiracy?  NO.

Breathe easy, cause it's part of being mortal.

Hope your week's gone better than ours....oh yeah, and one of these days I'll get around to posting Halloween pics.  Stay tuned!  =)


Heidi D said...

Sorry to hear you guys are sick. My brother had it a couple of weeks ago, but it just stayed up north {no potty trouble}

We haven't gotten anything yet. You probably did because you work with the public. We just kind of stay home and wash our hands a lot. :)

I'm glad that you're getting better. :))

Cherie said...

OH man I didn't know you had Swine Flu - Glad it wasn't that big a deal but still stinks to be down for a week! Hope you are both doing better now :D

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