It's that time again, folks.
Time for the 2nd annual Progressive Halloween Carnival!
If you didn't get a map, here it is below.  If you are in need of the full itinerary (times, activities, & addresses) please email me @ krromm(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll zip it over to you.  Feel free to invite your neighbors, friends,& Visiting Teaching families as it promises to be a fun-filled afternoon/evening!

(click on map for zoom)
My friend Cherie had a good question, so here's the breakdown for those who don't know (including those new to the ward): It's just like a progressive dinner, only its a Halloween carnival! This year it kicks off at 4pm & the Bishop's house is hosting the first "booth"/activity. Really its glorified trick or treating (the prizes are the same trick or treat candy that would've been given out anyhow), just not from trunk to trunk at the trunk or treats. The nice part is the peace of mind that comes with this activity, as you know EACH of the houses on the route, you know they're safe, none of the activities happen INSIDE (they're all hosted in the driveway, or on the front porch, or within an open garage) and it provides for a great missionary opportunity as its open not only to the ward, but to all trick or treaters! So that's the deal. =) Below are pictures from last years Progressive Halloween Carnival...they're priceless! Enjoy, and hopefully it catches on in other places. SEE ALL YOU GHOULS THERE!


Cherie said...

This sounds so fun! What exactly do you do at each "star"? I hope you post about it. Your ward does the best stuff!!

Cherie said...

Thanks for posting more details. This is a genious idea!! I totally love it.
I am the Activities committee chair in our ward and I am always on the lookout for something different and creative!! :D

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! Dana na na Dana na na na Dana du du du! You know what I'm singing. I gotta go listen to it now. :)

Wish I could go to your fun looking carnival too.

Cherie said...

Your line up of activites sounds great!

We only have one more event this year and that is our Christmas party. We did "Breakfast in Bethlehem" last year and it was awesome - No Santa in sight and no red and green - It was great and everyone loved the spiritual atmosphere. So I know your party is going to be a success!

This year I am taking it totally opposite and doing "The Polar Express" for our Christmas party. It will be fun - total Santa this year! It's good to mix it up :D

I have been a one woman committee for most of the year - I have solicited help when I need it but now that I can nag the Bishop all the time (hee hee) I am hoping to get a few people on my committee and then we will plan out next year. Some things I want to do are a "Beatles Party" - Having each auxillary come up with a skit or song that covers a Beatles hit and serving Submarine sandwiches and dancing.

I also want to have a big Hoe-down with a square dance caller and a summer picnic atmosphere!

I love this calling!! I love your ideas. I like the Wii bowling night. I might have to use that one - I think it would be a hit!

You sound super fun!!!

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