Hate...Hate...Double-Hate...LoAtHe EnTiReLy!!!!

Apparently can't live with 'em, and can't live in the TC's without 'em!
I get the whole mess that every area has its own grasses & pollens that people can & are allergic to. However, mine have been the WORST EVER this year (well, really, since moving back to TC's)... so, wouldn't you know it the doc ordered up allergy testing---SARCASTIC HOORAH INSERTED HERE (*pokey-no-fun*). Atleast it wasn't scratch-testing (bleck!).
Funny thing, that was Tuesday when my blood was drawn, and apparently my results were so astronomically-crazy-bad (translation: 911) that my doc's office left me a message with results in LESS than 24 hours (too bad I didn't get the message until after they had closed). So I went in after work to get the print out of my allergies & GUESS WHAT?!.... I can absolutely drink distilled water!!!


That's what it feels like anyhow. So, bye-bye pasta (wheat)... raised breads (yeast)... spaghetti sauce & salsa (garlic & tomatoes)... rice... peanuts... (& walnuts, though I hate those anyhow)... bananas are STILL banned as well as pumpkin... bye-bye corn... clams... peas... edamame/soy... mustard... oranges... potatoes... and as if all that wasn't enough, cat dander is no good & I have a low allergy to dog dander too...

On the list is almost every weed known to man, many trees, and... cockroaches.
(I think I'm good there since I decided a couple weeks ago to toss out my roach collection-come on, really?! Cause we're worried about me & ROACHES?! I mean, really? I should BE disappointed about that?!)
Anyhow, so I asked my doctor if the allergy to wheat & yeast (and rice-blast it all to STEVE!) put me at higher risk for celiac, especially with some of my extended family having it, and she recommended I follow a gluten-free diet to be safe.
Note to self: Try not to breathe... or eat... or drink for that matter.
(I guess I should be grateful, perhaps this is the fool-proof weight loss solution I've been praying for.)

**UPDATE: THIS JUST IN....discovered I'm also allergic to golf courses (RedTop BentGrass) & this guy!**


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

AH SUCKS!!! Maybe they'll come up with some allergy shot for all of that stuff. Food restrictions are the worst. : (

The Evanites Tribe said...

Wow! How about you guys come on over for dinner and I will put you in a bubble with clarified strawberry flavored air and we will have pizza...how does that sound? Speaking of strawberries what about edible oils? ha ha

Amy J. said...

Your title made me laugh out loud! Jim Carrey as the Grinch is the BEST! And you so have reason to be Grinchy at this time. I can't believe that you would be so allergic and not catch it before now! What are the chances that there are errors!? Well I was just hopeing for your sanity!

Stephanie said...

Yikes that is no fun. We have a "witch" doctor down here in our ward that does allergy treatments. If you ever make it down to Alabama I will hook you up with her. But you wouldn't be able to stay at my house because you would be allergic to our house pets- the cockroaches!! :(

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