FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC: Response to Amy

Amy shared some of her fav music here that keeps her family going yesterday. Great stuff! To go with what Amy's started, here's some of our favorites as well. Just more options if you're in search for something new and equal opportunity gems for EVERYONE in the family!
  • Jenks Music is a family favorite. Helps that Corey's a recent friend addition to the family as well. He's from Spokane, and I met him through work this Spring. He even came and performed for my office's Patient Appreciation Luau this summer. The guy's soooo talented musically, and he juggles to boot! Cool guy, fabulous music! =) Check out his link for music samples, and additional links for purchasing CDs or his music from iTunes.
  • WE ARE ENORMOUS BUCKWHEAT BOYZ FANS!!! Their techno/DJ beats are soooo fun to enjoy. Seriously, did you ever think peanut butter & jelly would be calorie free? You actually BURN CALORIES with their "Peanut Butter and Jelly Time!" We fell in love with "Ice Cream and Cake," which was the rage at Girls Camp a few years ago, with the YSL's choreographing moves to the song and THEN teaching all the Bishops in our Stake who performed in pink feathers & movie star glasses! Trully worth getting your paws on these tracks. =)
  • Okay, we loved 'em before we even shared our Thanksgiving Eve with them at the E-Center in Salt Lake, 3 years ago for their BLAME tour! Their music has always rocked, and smacked of something fun and different....and SAFE! By far, though, our favorite BareNaked Ladies album to date is Snacktime! "7 8 9" is AWESOME, as is "Pollywog in a Bog"! Pre-req listening to any day filled to the brim with giggles in the Romm household. =) Side-note: If BNL comes within 3 states of you for a concert-GO!!!!!!!! Funnest show ever! Not only great music, but phenomenal entertainment where the guys really interact with the audience. You'll never be disappointed that you went!
  • As for more lighthearted loveliness (and fun for all ages-though not specifically kid music), Jack Johnson is a must in our home.
  • KJ-52 is hilarious. And if you feel the need for some rap content in your home, but are not willing to lower standards or let go of the Spirit in your home then check him out! He's christian rap, and we can't get enough of the song "Ya Bref Stank"!
  • Furthermore on the uplifting, and SAFE front, anything from Jonah and the Whale soundtrack has proven to be must-have for the family library, like the U2 sounds of the Newsboys, but most definitely Chris Rice! Chris did the song "Billy Joe McGuffrey" from the Jonah soundtrack. Chris's album, "Amusing", is fantastic-"Lemonade" being my fav song!
  • We ADORE Francesca Battitstelli and her Album "My Paper Heart" especially the first track "Free to Be Me" since it teaches that its ok to be ourselves, and not stress about not being perfect right this moment! Helps me put into perspective who I am and the fact Heavenly Father appreciates & loves me for who I am at this very moment!
  • Lastly, TobyMac is a permanent addition to the library and we cannot even think of starting a roadtrip without his CD "Portable Sounds" in hand (if you find yourselves loving his sound, you should. TobyMac got rolling back in the day with a probably-familiar christian group called DC Talk).
So, there you have it...something else to sink your musical teeth into. Happy listening & happier living!

***(now for the major fun) TAG YOU'RE IT!!! Post some of YOUR family's favorite music choices so as to give the rest of us fabulous & safe alternatives to the songs on the radio (just title your post as "FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC" and list away...be assured, we'll soon be listening to the same great stuff!)***


ericksons said...

That's a very nice thought for you to pass on my info. Would love it! Thanks.

My friend, Sandy Anderson said that she met you at your work. Small world!

Amy J. said...

You rock! When I mentioned in my post that I had found a few single songs here and there I was talking about 789 (My kids absolute favorite!!) We also like their ABC song. I will have to take a closer look at some of your others mentioned. Many are familiar and some I do own but others are new to me..Yay!!!!

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