It Was the Best of Times...It Was the Worst of Times...NOPE, DEFINITELY THE BEST OF TIMES!!!

Some of the best times have been on my mind the past 24 hours...probably cause we had another "best time" last night for FHE! Our rad friends, the Evanites, came over for dinner...AND my awesome blogging friends, the DeCourseys, happened to still be in town from a weekend visit so they came over too! BBQ, FHE & oodles of people all at once, and it was the absolute best. =)
So all day my mind's been reeling over some of my best times...and there are many (so I'm definitely thanking Heavenly Father for all these awesome blessings I'm remembering)...but one of my MOST FAVORITE times was this one below:

One of the YW groups I had the honor of working with! I adored ALL of the YW I've been able to work with, but this one particular night was phenomenal cause it's embedded in my mind all their personality rolled up into an amazing time I'll never forget. I miss my YW (and my fellow leaders)...every last one of them!



Anonymous said...

holy flashback moment! i look so different now than in those pictures. but i must say, that was one of the best nights ever!! i miss you. come visit me if you are ever in idaho!

all my love,


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

That was a great night! I'm so glad we stayed and hung with you guys. We should definitely do it again too. :))

Amy J. said...

So where did you live when that picture was taken? They do look like a fun and amazing group of young women. And how cool is that to have a group picture taken! Love it.

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