Kia Kaha...Catch THIS Flick!

One of THE best movies I've ever seen! You've got to get your paws on this one ASAP!! Rented it for Mr LKP (he was feeling pukey earlier this week), however we didn't get to it until last night. Whether you have impressionable young men or young women in your home, or no kids, or its just you: GET IT! We will be purchasing it for our family's DVD library tomorrow. Trust me its truly THAT good. Rudy's always been a classic for me, probably #1...but dare I say, it's been bumped! Forever Strong is MORE awesome for a few reasons: 1) Sean Astin (Rudy & Lord of the Rings!!) is IN this one! 2) there's no filthy, vial language in the least! 3) the cast is AWESOME & some of my FAVORITE supporting cast members from other movies too (Gary Cole rocks!  Arielle Kebbel from Aquamarine is adorable. Big Budah-played Humu from the RM. Jimmy Chunga-SLC radio personality & the phat cop in several LDS films!) Fantastic talent. 4) Sean Astin gets a "Rudy" prank played on him in the outtakes and he just runs with it!!!! 5) the VIRAL VIDEOS are INSANE...I especially loved the badminton one. =0) 6) The inspirational advice shared by the real Coach Gelwix is timeless. You'll want your very own Coach Gelwix in your house to help raise your kids (especially since it means nothing when mom or dad says something, but its genius when its heard coming from someone else!)
You will laugh...you will cry...you WILL jump & shout for joy. PROMISE!

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Cherie said...

I looked at this...alot the other day and decided against it because it is a sports movie. I like chick flicks and action/adv. ha ha. So I bypassed it.

Thanks for the review I will have to get it after all.

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