Conference & Whatever...?

Okay, so it used to be called Conference & Cocoa (which worked for wintery weather)...but now that it's summer we switched it to Conference & Lemonade, which is light & yummy, but it lacks that little ideal "ca" ring to it from before...so, should it be Conference & Cupcakes? I just wonder is all....of course Lemonade has so many less calories & baking cupcakes is a lot of work (though its totally delicious & worth it, I think)...like I said its just a thought that's been mulling about in my cranium. =0)
Spoke with Sister Norr today, and she's dealing with DayCamp this month's 3rd Tuesday therefore she won't be ready for us that evening...but don't fret, we'll just go ahead and have it at my house! No worries really. For those who are new to this, bring only the assigned General Conference Talk, your scriptures, & your mug/glass.
June's talk is "None Were With Him" by Elder Holland (May '09 Ensign, pg. 86-88). Should be fantastic, so get prepped by studying it, and bring the insight you receive. It really is that simple, and REFRESHING! So, we'll see you at my house, Tuesday June 16th, from 6-8pm. Give me a call if you need directions!


Jan the crazy lady said...

I love the new title. Lemon"ade" is the perfect word to go with your get togethers. I am going to have to get over there one of these times. Just for a break from the house I am thinking too ;)

I love that you do these. Greatest idea.

The Evanites Tribe said...

i am going to have to miss again this month :(!!! i am bummed! we will be at a fam reunion...hey let's try to connect before i leave...missing ya!

ericksons said...

I told my mom and sister-in-law about this idea, and now they're doing it without me. They live closer together, I know. Very cool idea. How about Conference and Cartwheels? Then there's no calorie intake involved. In fact, you're burning calories.

Cherie said...

I loved your Conference and Cocoa and I definately think Conference and Cupcakes is very "c"lever!! :D

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