Good friends are like shoes...

(Make new friends But keep the old...)
...One is silver And the other gold!
So a couple posts back I mentioned our family's trip to Idaho, and the fact that I was able to squeeze in a short visit at the very end with a dear friend of mine. Her name is Judy, and we served together in YW in REX 9th ward. THE BEST time EVER!!! The calling rocked, we grew so close as a presidency (Judy, Karen, Jessica, Suzette, Amber & I), and our girls were so easy to love, (definitely easier to love than I had originally expected)...all of course is attributed to Heavenly Father making it so (how else do you explain THAT much estrogen getting along so swimmingly? Lol). But you have to know without a doubt how absolutely phenomenal Judy is. She is so spiritually in-tune with the Lord on each task/event/program/activity. So, with the years that have passed we've all seen changes in our callings, locations, & purpose in the Lord's work. Judy's husband was called to a college-branch bishopric, and she attends with him. Despite that change, the Lord still has her involved with our old stake & the YW as Stake Girls Camp Director. Back to our little visit a week ago, we did some catching up and then she started sharing the ideas behind this year's Girls Camp! Let me just tell you how badly I wish I was there!!!! I can't share the ideas yet, as some of the girls from that stake follow my blog, but you'll just have to trust me when I say that the theme & everything planned around it is OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME!!!! The reason I'm gushing is because she and I had the opportunity to visit over the phone again this morning (DEFINITELY GOLD!!!), and she went into a few more details and we discussed some more ideas. GOOD STUFF!!! So, ladies, be reading your scriptures, saying your prayers & get yourselves prepped for the BEST GIRLS CAMP EXPERIENCE EVER! It's so good that part of me wants to break down and make another 10 hour drive in the next couple months just to help out in person! =) Just gotta say that I miss seeing my GOLDEN friends like Judy several times a week. They're absolutely personalized gifts in my life, direct from my loving Heavenly Father. Hymn #293: "Each Life that Touches Ours for Good" have been in my mind for the past week...I am so blessed....I am so grateful!

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