Gone Spuddin'!

So we're off! We'll be gone for our first visit back to eastern Idaho since we moved home 15 months ago. Amazing how time flies cause it still feels like last month I was packing boxes. Anyhow, we'll have a full rundown of our adventures. Should be a good time as I promised one of my young women from church that I would be there for her high school graduation. So, gotta keep that promise. Have another one of my YW that we'll be seeing as well as a couple of Seth's good friends, Daisy's best friend, and one of our family's favorite families EVER (who now live in SLC)! They practically ARE family! When we first moved to Idaho, they lived on the other side of the wall from us in our condo community. Before too long, it was almost like a Kramer on Seinfeld situation (minus the seizures/spasms)! Gonna hate the drive part, but can't wait until we can slow down & soak up what IS eastern Idaho. Have a great week without us, and we'll see you next weekend! (((P.S. I AM taking my camera, so we'll see what fantastic shots I get of Teton Valley!!! YEEHAW!!!)))


Anonymous said...

hooray hooray!!! youre finally coming! i cant wait to see you guys!

all my love from idaho!


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Yay! Have fun! I am waiting for the pictures. :)

I love the potato head picture.

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