Relieved to be back with our animals, MONSTER garden, & our own beds, I'm happy to announce we are finally home. Our travels were full of adventure, reunions, & food poisoning! Poor Daisy & her tummy...poor Seth & his car interior. =( Other than that, all went well. Would LOVE to go on for hours about all that we did, but I'm already feeling overwhelmed & winded by the thought of all we accomplished. So let's just say we did it all, and saw MOST everyone we had intended to (with the exception of the Busby family, Natalie, Jen & my old radio station). But hey, as my hubby's said, we've gotta have reasons to go back! Funniest/oddest thing, we DID stop by our last house while in Rexburg and it has received a paint job since we moved out! No more pink house. Now its a lovely tan color both inside & out. Its for sale/lease, and the back door was open so we took a trip down memory lane. The owners knocked out the wall between the tiny kitchen & enclosed porch, raised the porch floor up, put in a nice new sliding glass door & made the kitchen just lovely! Dag-nab it! If they'd done that while we were there we probably would've never moved! Several times it was heard on the trip "why did we move again?" After all our contemplations it was agreed that we moved definitely out of the direction of the Lord, and most definitely on His timing. Cause let me tell ya, if there had not been over 8 feet of snow in our yard & it had been summer the day we got outta Dodge, then we'd have NEVER left! Funny how God knows us. Seth & I were able to sneak in a session at the Rexburg Temple while we were there too, and it was SOOOOO wonderful! Was his first time inside the temple since he was getting things ready for us here in WA during its Open House. We also had the privilege to stay with the Brennans in SLC & the Stanfords in REX. They are some of our most phenomenal friends & their children rock (which we've known them all since birth-the oldest is barely 4 yrs old)! It didn't take long at all for the kids to feel quite at home with us, which was fabulous to just play & play & play (as well as visit the zoo---i HEART being a kid all over again)! Other strange part, both of the wives we stayed with are pregnant again! Maybe between the two stays I drank some AWESOME water!!! (A girl can dream can't she?!) Daisy got to see her best friend. Seth saw a few of his good friends. And I also was able to see 2 of my young women from years ago (the oldest who's graduation was our excuse for going, didn't know we were coming, and I got to wake her up the morning of commencement! It was fantastic!!! Neece is the younger of the two & we had such a good time just grocery shopping, catching up, and visiting the MOST deliciously addicting gourmet cupcake shop, The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe! All our cupcakes were delicious in EVERY delectible way possible, especially the Madagascar Vanilla-Vanilla!!!! SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS!!!) I was also able to briefly stop & see my old YW President who I had the privilege of serving with. Good times, great memories! So, that's the general report. Cap it all off with a leisurely drive back, where we got to see Evil Knievel's ramp in Twin Falls, where he failed to jump the Snake River ...big weed covered mound of dirt on the edge of a cliff...but COOLER THAN THAT we got to see several base jumpers as they lept from the edge of Perrine bridge.

Cool, but scary! Glad it wasn't me! =) So, hope your week was just as spectacular while we were away. I'm off to polish my finishing prep for my lesson tomorrow. If you plan on being in class, study "Lift Where You Stand" by President Uchtdorf, Ensign Nov '08. Have an uplifting Sabbath!

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