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So, thanks to Not Too Shabby, and her blogged about bruises, I have once again found my piece of Heaven on earth: VOLLEYBALL! Not that it didn't exist before, its just been a long long long long time since I've been able to play on a regular basis. There's a group that plays at MAC every week, but to drop in its $2 (minimal charge, but I like the idea of FREE). There's a co-ed group that gets together at Thayer on Thursday nights (but I'm not sure how competitive it gets, or if I know anybody there). So instead, again thanks to Shabby, I've decided to hit up some velcro VB at 108 every Tuesday night! (I say velcro, cause the gym floor is carpeted at that building...and you don't slide or digg or dive gracefully...its literally like going down, well...on VELCRO-you drop and that's the exact spot you remain in, whether the ball's there or not. Don't even THINK you're always gonna get there, that is unless you've got GO-GO-GADGET ARMS!) VB's a great workout for certain, but the velcro element works your core over even more as you exert everything you've got to avoid rug-burns all over your body! So if you're interested, you should come out and join other passionate VB sisters (of varying abilities & skill levels)! Holler if you want details. Move over Seacrest, SIDE-OUT!!!

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Jodi said...

I'm so happy that you're coming to volleyball. It's so much fun - and I'm happy to report - NO MORE bruises after that first night. I'm glad that you're enjoying it too. I might not be there tomorrow night though - we have Pack meeting that night and who knows when I'll get the boys to bed after that. :)

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