April's Conference & Cocoa Night: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Last night was our ward's Conference & Cocoa night. It was nicely attended, with 6 of us sisters gathered to study the talk "Return to Virtue" by Sister Elaine Dalton. The Spirit was strong, and our hearts were tender. One of my favorite things about last night was the diversity of experiences each of us brought to the discussion. We were all mothers & sisters & women in different places along the journey-so in ways we represented our places in life alone, yet stood together in the commonality of being Daughters of God. I cherish the varying spiritual perspectives that were shared, and subsequently learned from. So, a BIG ENORMOUS THANK YOU to all who were able to participate this month and see to it that April's Conference & Cocoa Night was another success (even if it was too hot to drink cocoa-though the lemonade was a lovely alternative)!
President Eyring's talk "Adversity" (April '09 General Conference) has been selected for May's Conference & Cocoa, which will take place from 6-8pm on the third Tuesday (May 19th). Melissa Johnson will be hosting that evening in her home. Please RSVP to Melissa ASAP if you plan on attending. Such a great talk, and we are so blessed with the freedom to assemble & study modern-day scriptures such as those revealed through our Apostles bi-annually. When we gather as sisters in Zion to learn of the Lord & His plan, we are being obedient to His command (D&C 19:23). Not only should we be seeking His word, but there is strength dedicated for those who gather. He promised that where two or three are gathered in His name, "there am I in the midst of them" (Matthew 18:20). So, happy studying & we'll see you next month at Sister Johnson's!


Cherie said...

I think this is a really neat idea - Kind of like book club but with Conference talks!

LKP said...

yep! this is how P8 rolls. =) not everyone shares the exact taste in books, and we all need to study the Gospel. plus we've been instructed to REALLY feast on the words of our modern prophets, so this monthly event helps us better do those things, as well as forge a greater spirit of unity as sisters in Zion. has been fun for sure!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Sounds like heaven Keely. Seriously. I love the Gospel.

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