A New Lease on Life!

I LOVE MY DOCTORS! "...Like you love the beach, or a good book!" Not in a weird way at all. In an "I'm so grateful I have them" way. It was the roughest winter for me. From feeling blue to my psoriasis being perma-flared, I've been feeling MORE than outta sorts. So, 2 weeks ago, I went in for a visit to establish my Dr of record. We talked a lot about my health, and my worries, and yes-EVEN the only child syndrome our family's facing. She ordered a full work-up on me. 5 vials of blood was snagged, in order to test for everything under the sun (thyroid, cholesterol, diabetes/hypoglycemia, hormone levels, vitamin/mineral levels, you name it-they checked it). She also advised that I was overdue for my tetnus shot. UGH! Needles are NOT my friends! I told the nurse, and she shared a story about an older lady who died from tetnus at this other hospital the nurse had worked at. The lady got tetnus when she was pricked by a rose bush in her garden. So I relented, and got poked in the arm (though the "poke" felt more like I'd been hit in the shoulder by a Mack truck for the better part of that week). After my visit with her, I had an appointment with my new dermatologist. SHE ROCKED!!! Every mole got checked out, and I do mean EVERY MOLE! (my people are an extremely moley people)...She also diagnosed my hyperkeratosis (icky white-head like bumps) on my upper arms (got a cool new lotion called Amlactin which is helping with that); she prescribed some creams for my scaley psoriasis elbows AND another for the plaque on my ear! Within one week of using 'em, my elbows & ear look better than they have in OVER A DECADE!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! While checking out my moles, she was concerned about one that's stressed me out for several years (asymmetrically shaped, tri-colored, ITCHY, and had an ashy appearance to the surface of it), so she shaved it RIGHT OFF and sent it to the lab. Felt good to have so many of my concerns attended too, BUT at the same time I have been worried sick about what the answers would be. HERE ARE TODAY'S RESULTS: Thyroid checks out (phew!), vitamin/mineral levels normal, my cholesterol is only 4 points above normal (she said that was easy to fix if I lay off dairy more & get more active----that'll be cake with volleyball going down now!), my sugars seem okay, and my HORMONES ARE FINE! She doesn't think the only child syndrome is as bad as we had previously been told, so ITS NOT ME, and I'm NOT manlier than Seth afterall---WOO HOO!!! My biopsy came back NEGATIVE for skin cancer, HOORAY HOORAY!!! Also, I had to tell the nurse from before that while Seth & I were cleaning up GMa Romm's yard this weekend I got pricked EIGHT times by rose bush thorns & branches!!! So many times I thanked God for that little nurse and her HORRIBLE shot from the week before! The best news from all of it, or I should say the icing on the cake????? Got weighed and measured (we won't discuss the weight-even though she said its a healthy weight and I'm ok where I'm at), I am 2 inches TALLER than I thought. Had a couple docs tell me I was 5' nothing, but in actuality I'm 5' 2" (to a gal who felt like she was handicapped for being only 5' tall that's like winning the lottery! Weird to admit, but I actually FEEL taller!!! I guess I just had bad posture for a spell or something before)!!! WOW! 5'2"....its like Heavenly Father gave me a promotion! No more feeling like a troll or a munchkin...Haha, represent THIS, Lollypop Guild!!!


Natalie said...

You are so cute, doctors are awesome when they tell you what you want to hear, huh!!!! Thanks for the mail, I got it today, your a dear, I forgot to call you and give you your total, it was just fine, thank you!

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you were able to get stuff taken care of. :)

I've got those stupid little white bumps too. Maybe I should get some of that lotion. Do they know what causes them?

Oh, and it would be super fun to do the Spokane temple too! I love our little temple. I think it's the prettiest one I've been in. I haven't been in the Tri-City one yet though, so maybe I'll change my mind. I'll have to look at when we'll be coming over to Kennewick.

Jodi said...

I finally discovered I'm actually 5'3 1/2" instead of 5'2" - that gives me 5+ more pounds heavier I can be. ;) Glad to hear you were able to get things taken care of and I love the picture you put on...made me think of the "dying holes" - one of the funniest parts of that movie!! :)

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