This'll Sound Crazy, but Just Hear Me Out....

PSSSST!....GO...SEE...THIS...MOVIE! I know, I know....Hannah Montana=commercialism sell-out, yada yada yada. And you feel like enough of your money has been pumped into the HM franchise, but guess what?! Its BETTER THAN YOU THINK! We don't watch the episodes (direct results of not watching TV at all), but we've seen the merchandise and heard about the $2000 scalped concert tickets. Still, every young girl, tween, teen, twenty, thirty, & forty-something woman (including moms, aunts, friends, sisters, grandmas, and daughters) should see this movie. It's about going back to your roots, accepting those roots, and LOVING who they make you! (Its an EXCELLENT DADDY-DAUGHTER-DATE PICK too!) So, break down. Give it a chance. We loved it so much that we saw it at the theater twice within 48 hours (with Seth even), and both times we came out happier than when we went in, singing & smiling. We even picked up the soundtrack which not only features Hannah/Miley songs but also some beloved Rascal Flatts tunes and a new track from Taylor Swift (which always makes me want to dance with my husband when I hear it). TRUST US! Its a 12 thumbs up flick!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Mattie and I enjoyed it too. I was ready for a total cheese fest, and I got some teary eyes at some moments. And the music was great. I loved the butterfly song with her daddy. I just have to learn that little dance too.


Amy J. said...

I am glad you filled us in because I was thinking...nooooo way. I have been burned too many times on the "should have rented that movie" kids show. Thanks for the heads up! Sydney is in real need of a date with either mom or dad!

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