Lehi's Dream

Not that its the most exciting past time to stew through old photos (okay, its exciting to me, but maybe not everyone else). As I was about my past time, I stumbled across this one I shot when we were frolicking through the Palouse Falls area last summer. The image struck so deeply, I had to post. Lately, no matter how hard I try, I feel spiritually starved! I desperately need to tighten my grasp on the rod. Much which the world is feeding us has deadened my spiritual senses...more now that ever I feel this innate NEED to taste again what the Lord would have us partake of. It IS delicious to me, and I truly NEED a feast completely devoid of the world...(I gotta get me an appointment at the temple, stat!) Not trying to grumble or whine, just expressing what's in this mess of my mind lately. With being pulled in so many directions constantly, I know I need to slow down and get away from the chaos---I need peace, spiritual satisfaction, and a reaffirmation of my knowledge of His love and plan for me as a daughter of God. That's all. Boyd K. Packer shared a re-awakening message on Lehi's dream HERE. Hope this all helps you as it has me. The fruit IS desirable. We should not allow ANY amount of shame to overcome and keep it from us. Lehi's dream was meant to inspire us today...So, take that inspiration and let's do something about it!


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

We should do a blog buddy temple trip. I think that would be lots of fun. :)) I've always wanted to go to the Tri-Cities temple.

Cherie said...

That was a beautiful post - Love the picture and love the thoughts. I hope you get your spiritual groove back soon!

Have a GREAT week!

Anonymous said...

Great post...but I clicked the link and I don't think it is what you intended. Yikes.

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