• Okay, one of my sweet young women (a few years back) got me TOTALLY hooked on this guy's comedy (clean of course). His name's Brian Regan and he'll make your sides hurt so bad, not to mention your cheeks!


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Logan DeCoursey is my nephew. His dad is Jeff's brother. Mr. Cazier is married to my cousin Amy. I think he is a teacher at your daughter's school. A teacher or an adviser, one of the two.

I am soooo Danish. I wonder if our lines cross somewhere. What is your Danish last name? Mine is Sorenson. I just got a big genealogy book from that side of my family. All non-members. Lot's of temple work to do.

OK, now I need to watch your video. :)

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

All of the Mathews are my family. So funny. You must have either come to my blog by way of one of my cousins or Jan, who is a neighbor to another one of my cousins. Spurgeon. So funny. I'll have to study the Sorenson line.

Amy J. said...

I love Brian! He is such a good laugh. The first time I heard of him was when my cousin's wife broke her femer! Someone had to share that clip with us all. I don't think there is one of his acts that isn't completely hilarious.

Deborama said...

Im so going to make it one day to the conference talks discussions, I always hear how fun and good they are! :) I will put a post it on my forehead! :)

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