At this moment we sit upon the precipice of two EXTREMELY dubious moments!
  • First, we are literally MINUTES away from ringing in ROMMADON 2009!!!! Seth turns the BIG 2-9 momentarily. (Happy Birthday SUGAR BOOGER!!! ...RHINOCEROUS BUTT...LUB U! XOXO)
  • Second, the unveiling of yet another, earth-moving blog: (da da da-dah!) Tooth Fairy Think Tank! It's a blog devoted to the art of Orthodontic Dental Assisting! Truly, it's momentous for it'll be a great place for new ideas & approaches to the field. So if you know of any Ortho Assistants (anywhere WORLDWIDE) send 'em on over to http://toothfairythinktank.blogspot.com/
Thanks for sharing the moment! Have a great whatever you're having. =0)


::Jan:: said...

Oh my. I should let Seth drive the big orange truck for his 29th birthday. He could even blow the horn. Woo Hoo....

Cute blog idea. The teeth will thank you.

Jodi said...

Happy ROMMADON 2009 - hope it's going great and that there's lots of frosting!

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