The caring tag.....

The Caring Tag works like this:

You will get 10 questions about caring stuff. Then you have to give an answer. Then you tag 6 other people. Here are the questions.......

1. What do you do at church that is caring?
Even if I don't have time for a full conversation with each person I see, I try to wave, smile & say hi or compliment them in some way, or squeeze their hand (or even give them a hug) so that way they know I care about them.

2. Do others care for you?

3. Do you care for others?
More than for myself

4. What do you do in your neighborhood that is caring?
I try to help others if they need something. Even if its some baking soda or tumble weeds moved. If they don't need an act of service, they at least get a smile & wave.

5. Do you care about homeless people and starving people? Why?
Yes. It breaks my heart to see anyone suffer hardships.

6. How do you show that you care?
We try to give our church offerings as we have been counseled. We also like to donate what we can spare into the red kettles during the holidays. This way I know others' needs are met adequately & wisely.

7. What do you do at school that is caring?
Since I don't go to school, I'll relate this to my work. A big part of what I do everyday is assure my patients that I care about them by remembering little things, and finding commonalities between us so they never feel alone or anxious. I don't do it because its my job, I chose my job because CARING is what I love to do.

8. Do you care about animals?
Very much so. Our family has a cat and a dog, both we adopted from a pet rescue organization in Idaho. Animals are great, but we don't feel we need a specific pet bred & papered just for us in order to be a perfect fit in our family. There are great animals everywhere who need their forever family.

9. Do you think your friends care for you? Why?
Yes. Because they call to check on me, especially if its been a little while since we last spoke. Also because they are trustworthy and they've made it clear that I can count on them for anything.

10. Do you care about everybody in the world? And do you think there care about you? Why?
I care about most of the people in the world. The others I'm still working on seeing them through God's eyes.

I tag the following people (I know, its more than 6): Teri, Nikki, Kelsey, Sarah, Jodi, Cindy, Rosie, Stephanie, Shaneece, Abby, Laurel, Amy, Tyleen, Heather, Natalie, Tara, Debi, Debbie, Marilyn, & Jen

Now go to your blog and answer all these questions on your blog. Then tag 6 people. Enjoy.♥


♥miss~mattie♥ said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Its ok if you put more than 6 people to tag. This was a great tag. You answered the questions perfect. I did the tag on my blog to. You could check it out on my blog if you want. Thanks for giving me your e-mail. I can't wait to hear some caring thoughts from you on the caring blog. Check your e-mail and see if you got a message from me. It should be about joining The Caring Blog. Love the background it is so awesome. Oh and if you didn't get that e-mail I'll try to get it sent again. 'Cause maybe I spelled some thing wrong or something. Well have a great day.
Bye bye.♥☼♥☺

♥miss~mattie♥ said...

One more thing....

Is your e-mail: krromm@gmail.com? 'cause that is what I typed in to get your invitation for being on The Caring Blog. I hope I got it right????? Well get back to me.
Bye bye.♥☼♥☺

::Jan:: said...

I am laughing at Mattie. She is so excited about her new plans of caring. What more could a mom want though. I love it.

Thanks for doing this. Of course I know how much you CARE... It shows in your eyes and actions. Take care.

Jodi said...

Love your answers - I better get on my tag. ;)

Kelsey said...

You got yourself right on! Way to go! That is cute. I will get to it sometime! The first one at church is me to a T but it doesnt seem to matter for some reason

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