Two notes of gratitude...

Since yesterday was a crazy-busy day (filled with photography, a craft fair, lunch with a dear friend, games & ice cream with my Bowen family, and then the Gold & Green Ball), I didn't get my gratitude post for Saturday on here in time. Since I promise, despite the busy-ness, I WAS thinking about gratitude yesterday, here are two: YESTERDAY I WAS GRATEFUL FOR CREATIVITY. Righteous creativity is such a lovely way to worship our Heavenly Father. While taking photos of a sweet family yesterday morning, I felt so inspired by the cumulative creativity that was present between my efforts and those of the family. It was an honor to be witness to their happiness and the love they have for each other. Also, through exploring further creativity in my medium of photography, I am fortunate enough to be present for thrilling colors, scenes, and miracles the Lord saturates our world in. The best part in gaining this awareness is the better understanding on my part of His love for each of us...it is only right that we should use our talents and creativity to return His glory to Him. By utilizing our creativity in a righteous manner we not only display our gratitude but our desire to implement these blessings for the better of all. The evidence of this left behind by each of us is a trail worship of the Almighty. May our creativity declare His existence and glory throughout the eternities! TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR HANDS. Last night, when Seth escorted me to the dance floor, he then took my hand and cradled it safely within his. My favorite part is that he inverts our grasp so he can hold it that much closer to our hearts. This simple gesture reminds me of strength, unity, & love. My thoughts were still on hands as I went about my church participation this morning. As a greeting, or as an agreement is made, a firm handshake is a strong symbol of not only promise but of friendship and honesty. Raised hands lead to higher learning, as minds open up and offer the questions, concerns, and answers for the heart. Hands can lead many, as support is given to an individual about God's errands....also, when we prepare to worship through song, our gaze is to the hand of a chorister, that we may all be unified as a voice. More promises are made with hands...when a man & woman are married, their hands are held...we pledge allegiance & loyalty to our country by placing our hand upon our heart. Eyes may be windows to the soul, but a person's hands reveal quite a lot as well. When I was single, I often looked at suitors' hands...when they were well-manicured I knew I wasn't interested. I needed a man who's hands were a bit calused, chapped, and familiar with the elements. Just as I'd seen in my father's & grandfathers' hands, each of those details indicated that the owner of such hands knew hard work, and they stood as a symbol of ingenuity, security, & love. Worn but tender hands not only show value of work, but a sense of when to be gentle. Frequently my mind is captured by these hands lovingly engaged in Priesthood blessings. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, carries universal symbols in his hands...the nail prints proclaim His everlasting love for us, the transcendent power of the Atonement, and an unmistakable testimony of the Plan of Salvation. Take a moment today, and ask yourself what testimony your hands bear about you...are they a bit wrinkled from years of productivity? are they worn from dishwater? can you see your life's details upon them....nursing wounds? saving the day? preparing meals? papercuts from family finances, organizing, or storytime? Are your hands symbols of love for your family and your Heavenly Father? These Primary lyrics still touch my heart, "I have two little hands folded snuggly & tight...they are tiny & meek, yet they know what is right...during all the long hours, til daylight is through, there are plenty of things for my two hands to do." May your hands be not idle. May your hands be clasped regularly in prayer. May your hands be actively engaged in blessing your family and building up the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. May your hands be your faithful legacy.


Jan said...

Love this so much Keely. I have 2 things that came to mind as I read. Unfortunatly, not the spiritual at first. But, I too wanted a man with hands that showed work and strength. Completely unattracted to certain type hands too. Second, I went inactive for 14 yrs. after being told from my bishop that I shake to firmly. It was causing some men to feel uncomfortable. Me being totally miffed and not understanding what he was talking about. (there was more said too) but, I was hurt so deeply because I was always taught to shake firmly and friendly. It wasn't until in my later 20's when I realized it was the other person on the other end of my hand that had the problem. It was totally what I needed to be spoken to me. I was so grateful for the understanding that came.

I love how you pointed out many things that are symbolized through the hand. It is just amazing. Thanks for your thoughts. I always appreciate them.

RommaLamaDingDongs said...

Jan, too funny about the hand thing we have in common. =) I'm glad you're uplifted. It means the world to me to know that the stuff tumbling around in my head helps & makes sense to somebody other than just me. =) I understand the inactive thing, my stint was about 3 years and because I was crushed by something a bishop said to me, and then some other choice things from other people. It took me a while to tune the world's opinion out and sort through it all for myself, just me & God. I guess that's why I feel a need to encourage those around me to be unified in Him. Cause there's no reason others should experience what we did. =) I hope you have a great night & a fabulous tomorrow!

The Evanites Tribe said...

Keely....thank you! i love the fact that my man gets his hands dirty...it shows me that he would do anything for our family. thank you for your time to post such beautiful thoughts...i always just want to say ditto! have a great day! love you! sarah...your spirit world sister

Deborama said...

I just found your blog! So fun, your pics are sooo fantastic, my kids won't let me play on my computer long so I had to just scan your photo's I will have to come back for some good reading late one night! ;)

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