take a moment to breathe....and remember to use the restroom

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR LAUGHTER. So you know those big hearty laughs you get, that shake you down to your toes? Those are my absolute favorite since they make me feel warm and complete. Similar to the feeling that comes as a light wind dances over you, and the afternoon sun melts into your cheeks & all over your skin. It feels like that only on the inside. Laughter is one of my most favorite gifts in life. No matter what language or communication barrier may be present, laughter is universal and it puts everyone on the same page. It makes each day worth traversing through, just for the promise of a good laugh or giggle. That being explained, it was a lighthearted day at work, and I LOVED every minute of it! My coworkers and I cooked up so many laughs, my cheeks are now tired and sore---it is soooo divine! Hopefully today brought you something to chuckle about, if not, then you're not looking hard enough. Get out your magnifying glass and find your laughter!

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