...Twas blind, but now i see!

TODAY I'M THANKFUL FOR EYEBALLS. You may be thinking I'm still obsessed with my EyeBall Soup set-up from Halloween. Though it was awesomely disgusting and I loved it, actually my gratitude story for the day comes from my little niece. It was her 4th birthday today, and we paid her a visit in exchange for some cake & ice cream. Following presents it was grub time, and being the world's BIGGEST Wall-E fan, her mom had custom baked a die cut Wall-E cake. After her fourth try, the candle finally went out and she made her only request, "Mom, ok, but when you cut it will you save me an eyeball?" That precious 4 year old set my mind a buzz in several ways. First of all, I truly am grateful for the physical gift of sight. Towards the end of work today I happened to glance up from my computer, just as the sun was setting. The sky was bathed in a gorgeous autumn orange with a faint wash of indigo along the clouds' edges. It was the most lovely sight, since all day had been soggy, gray & sunless. I thanked my Heavenly Father instantly for the boon that moment was for me. Sight keeps me going in so many ways. I'm intoxicated by all the beauty there is to behold through vision. I love to see smiles. I love to see animals do human things. I love to see daisy's eyes sparkle as she throws her head back for a hearty laugh. I love the greenest green grass becomes right after rain. My list goes on and on.... My sweet little niece's comment also provoked thoughts of gratitude for her innocent viewpoint. Trying to become like a child, meek and mild, is a challenge. Her example helps me remember to tenderly come unto the Savior. And lastly on my mind is spiritual sight...the way the Lord opens the eyes of our understanding through the power of the Holy Ghost. We can see and comprehend more clearly thanks to other spiritual gifts as well. When we approach life with our spiritual eyes open wide, Eternity doesn't seem as far away. I love my Heavenly Father, and appreciate the various gifts of sight I have received from Him. "...He gave me my eyes, that I might see the color of butterfly wings....Of all these creations of which I'm apart, Yes! I know Heavenly Father loves me."

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Jan said...

I am a little concerned about your new obsession with eyeballs :)

That being said, I think that is the cutest thing about your niece. What a cute thing to say. And then you read into it with your spiritual eyes. My friend had a son born with no eye sockets at all. Complete darkness. He is so very happy though. He relies on other forms of site. He will be more fine tuned to those things that we could never understand. And I have often thought of his blessing to never see an angered face or filthy scene etc. But then I ache that he will never see a sparkle in an eye or indigo cloud.

I am ever so grateful for my eyeballs too. I am so very visual. I love beautiful things. Like seeing an act of kindness, or a smile that is so needed, or a double rainbow of promise.

I am loving your thankful month. It makes me appreciate each day a little more. Thanks.

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