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TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY. This life and its lessons are our pre-req's to Eternity....and I have to say I've got the greatest professors teaching me! I've always loved my family...cherished them from the beginning. However, today I am more grateful for them than ever! I cannot express my gratitude enough to my extended family members. They have taught me SO much. Without them I would lead a very empty life, that offered nothing to mankind. Thanks to their influences, I'm a much more authentic daughter of God. That being said, I must focus the rest of my remarks around my little family: Seth & Daisy. Every moment is an eternal lesson. Each lesson is a precious gift from my Heavenly Father. My husband knows me so well. Today I was feeling down. I called him as I walked out the door to grab lunch. When he answered I looked up to see him waiting for me in his Jeep. What a doll! He knew today would be rough, so there he was to whisk me away for a lunch date. He'll never know how much that meant to me. I adore him in every way possible. And I feel I will never be able to repay him for his constant love, attention, appreciation, and care. Daisy...I'm speechless at this time. She is such a wise, strong spirit. The education I glean from her is one I could NEVER gather from all the books in the world, or from within the four walls of ANY class room! She is so passionate about life, and liberty, and fairness for all. Its no secret that I was disappointed at the outcome of last night's election. However, knowing what has been prophesied about our day as well as the Lord's promises, I knew I'd get over it. When we were gathering our stuff to leave the Evans' house, Daisy came downstairs and said, "It's over?" I told her yes and, without another thought, who the new President-Elect was. Her shoulders dropped, and her face was overcome with sorrow. She was practically in tears, as if she personally had been robbed. I was expecting something light-hearted, not this wounded response. At bedtime, it was all we could do to answer her questions, and calm her down so she could sleep. Her reaction weighed heavy on my mind all night. I felt restless and slept poorly, thinking about her crushed little heart. What more can I do to protect her from the hurt? Where can I work harder to make it up to her? How do I help her heal and continue to have faith in the leadership of our country? These and more kept racing through my head. After a night of inner-wrestling, I got ready and went to work. Just before walking out the door, I hugged both Seth & Daisy...and it was there, while holding her in my arms that I realized how much tighter I need to hold on to my family. How much more elbow-grease will be needed to get us through what is to come. How priceless they are to me. Holding them in my arms made me want to just call in to work. Stay home and cradle my family. Seth & Daisy remind me of who I am. What my mission is here. They remind me to constantly develop & use the many talents I've been given....also to be fearless in grabbing hold of new ones. They make me want to be better...to be my best. They remind me that life requires nurturing. When there is a fall, a scraped knee, a failed test, another opportunity for growth-it all warrants attention & love. In my roles as wife & mother, I'm the best cheerleader I've ever been. My capacity to withstand on their behalf is constantly stretched, and tried. Though it can feel emotionally exhausting, I can always look at our progress and know that God has given me the greatest blessings. Wow, there's so much that I am feeling right now, yet words are failing to adequately express these emotions. So, if anything, take a moment or two and think on your family. Focus on the worth you are as you stand together for righteousness. Remember these words: "The time will come when only those who believe deeply and actively in the family will be able to preserve their families in the midst of the gathering evil around us."
-Spencer W. Kimball (Ensign, November 1980)

The time spoken of by President Kimball is here and now. Shallow belief is unacceptable...grab hold, believe ACTIVELY & love your family!

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Jan said...

How richly blessed you are Keely. Love the lunch date.

Daisy is a doll. I enjoy her so much. Mattie did cry after the elections. But, we had one of the best talks ever. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I can comfort her with. And the family was a huge part of the conversation. I know it is a time to gather together and love.

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