Schlossum... crossum... tra-la-la-la-lossum...?

TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR WRITERS BLOCK. Sounds impossible for 2 reasons: 1) I'm writing therefore how can there be a block present in which to be grateful for? and 2) How can writer's block EVER be beneficial? So here's the story. For almost-ever I have adored photography...have been working on my skills for years...and recently I've been considering doing more with this part of me. Funny thing is, while contemplating my next steps, a dear friend stated out of the blue that I needed to just take the leap of faith I was worried over. She told me to stop second-guessing myself and just do it. So here I am trying to muddle my way through it all, and one of the biggest elements as a photographer is the name your work carries with it. Now some would say its easy to just use my legal name...problem is, I'm not sure that's the approach I want to take. So its been eating at me to find MY label out there in the vast universe of ideas....hence the writers block. My unexpected excitement at the current congestion of thought is that its actually real... I'm going to do this! No more sitting on the fence, my decision's been made, now its all about execution. I'm anxious about assigning my work a label, as I know there's a definite cheesiness I MUST avoid...yet the brand cannot be robotic & empty either. So here I am trying to define who I am, what I'm about, my strengths, my eye, my talent, my essence-AND I must condense that into 3 words max!!! So, the other reason I'm grateful? Because I'm at a loss personally to produce my label, I am turning to awesomely talented, caring people in my life for inspiration...my husband, my best friend, my daughter. This quest for just the right name brought me to one of the greatest minds I know, Kyle, my daughter's dad. He is brilliant with words. Never sugarcoats stuff, just calls it how he sees it. So we had a great conversation about it, he gave me some ideas of how to find my label...tricks he uses to help his students overcome THE BLOCK...Best part? Aside from being excited as heck for my new adventure, he wasn't about to just crank something out for me. Instead he gave me resources which will help me find it within myself! To some that may seem silly, but I am thankful...it shows his faith in my abilities. Not only in raising our daughter, but in chasing my dream, and seeing it through. I haven't landed my label yet, but with his support and that of my husband & Daisy & Sarah, I know its not far off...I'm going to find it!
I hope there's a challenge in your life, which has you puzzled, yet is teaching you to trust yourself thoroughly and hold to your ambitions. Know that God knows your potential and trusts you. When things seem just beyond your grasp, remember the immortal words of Popeye, "I ain't no tailor but I know what suits me!" A bitter challenge makes personal triumph taste that much sweeter. Best of Luck!

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Jan said...

How exciting is this. I can't wait for you to live this part of your life out. You will receive it and it will just fit. It would be the best to be living what you love. Nothing sounds better. Capturing moments sounds like the best job in the world Keely. Good luck.

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