I'm watching you, Wazowski, always watching...

TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY LEFT SHOULDER. As I was teaching Sunday school today, I noticed my husband shifting back and forth and all over the bench. Usually when a teacher sees a class member awkwardly fidgeting, the natural thing is to question themselves, and rethink the message being taught. So, I was really worried, considering if my OWN HUSBAND was uncomfortable with what I was teaching....When he got home after meetings today, we were discussing the events of church and I brought it up. Turns out that no matter how he sat, his poor left shoulder was absolutely killing him. No relief whatsoever. First, I was definitely glad to hear that I hadn't been confusing the class or stepping out of bounds. Second, I ache for him in his discomfort. I know its been over 4 years, but hopefully all his health issues will soon be resolved with the Army and the VA; that way he'll finally be able to get the medical treatment he needs. Witnessing what he's going through, I am deeply thankful that my own left shoulder functions properly without the polar extremes of numbness, weakness and excruciating pain that he endures. I'm also grateful for the example he sets for me. Watching him experience all of this brings a flood of scriptures to my mind, all including the words "endure to the end." He is one of my favorite patterns to follow in regards to endurance. Kind of a modern-day pioneer of sorts as he presses on with the U.S. Army. If I could take the disability away, I would. However, since its not been required of me, I just continue cheering him on, and learning from him. So, when you find yourself upon your knees in prayer this evening, be sure to thank the big guy for each example in your life of not only going the second mile, but completely finishing the race no matter the weather. (While you're at it, maybe thank Him for every appendage...foot, arm, leg, fingers, neck, hand...all of it, cause we never know if they'll remain in proper working order).


terramisu said...

Yes- why do we take our functioning body parts for granted? I will have to remember to thank "the big guy" (lol) for all my working limbs, and for the other million things that I take for granted every day!

Anonymous said...

you know this has made me start to think. with everything going on.. i could be better but i could be so much worse too.. like the operation made me hurt and have some trouble but im lucky to be alive! that truely is something to be greatful for.

~all my love to you all!!


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