TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR HOT CHOCOLATE. Nope, not a chocoholic here. Every now and then maybe a minimal craving, but mostly I adore fruity, sugary candies (hard or soft, doesn't matter). The only exception to my fruity-first rule is when it's hot cocoa in a mug! So, I popped into the supermarket this evening, since we ran out of mix. Went straight to the cocoa aisle, grabbed my fav "Rich Cocoa" Western Family canisters & even picked up the most adorably simple, new mug for our first Conference Talk Club night later this week (got it for a song: $1-BIG SPENDER here!). Any other time, this is a very mundane task for me. However, these two canisters of cheap (but absolutely the yummiest) hot chocolate & a dollar mug sparked the most delightful conversation with the grocery checker. Within the short time span of 3 minutes, we had become sisters...all over hot cocoa. What I loved most of all, as I walked away pondering on the experience, is that whatever differences that may exist in our lives, none of it was brought up and none of it mattered. We were pleasant & happy, and connected not only over hot chocolate, but as daughters of God. It was as if we remembered one another's souls. Neighborly attitudes have vanished in our culture. Many years ago, a conversation such as ours was normal, and frequent. Today there is a cloud of suspicion which suffocates our ability to reach out to strangers. This event gives me hope. It helps me recognize: that I shouldn't be afraid to interact with others, its OK to connect with those around me, and Heavenly Father wants His children to get along. That's what being a Zion people is all about! I may never see that checker again, but I know we were both giggling & smiling by the end of the transaction...and hopefully there was a bit more of a spring to her step as she went about her mundane tasks tonight. We may not formally sit down to share a mug with a person, but the best in us can still appear over hot chocolate!

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rosiekassidy@hotmail.com said...

Okay, I am an idiot! I click on your name when you leave a comment and it goes to your daughters blog and your photography blog and I have NEVER seen this blog until I got on your daughters and saw your screen name.

Anyways.......I am so glad now I can talk to you! You still look the same and don't look like you have aged a day.

Remember when we stole teh log at girls camp, I don't remember his name, and we cut him up and buried him! Hilarious! We made alot of girls mad:) I should post some pictures from girls camp.

Miss you!

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