It's the creature from the blue lagoon!

TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR CLAY FACE MASKS. Sounds like complete vanity, but hear me out on this one. My favorite face mask in the whole world comes in this quaint St. Ives tube and costs me about 2-3 bucks. Love it for that alone? Oh yes! But beyond the affordable cost, I love how it works. No heat...just that stellar face-mask-blue color that scares men away, and absolutely no stink or tingle at all. Here's the deal, haven't done a face mask in probably 7 months or so, and after this week at work, coupled with the events of last night...let's just say I needed to be pampered. So, after attending the Temple this evening, I got in my jammies & slathered on the blue goo. It was so wonderful! As I went about some tasks, I was very aware of how my face felt. My pores were tightening and the mask was cracking at my dimples (yet another gross, fun part worth loving about it). Then as I rinsed it off, my epiphany came! Just as my clay face mask firms and purges impurities from my face, the Temple helps me to spiritually step back. There I can absorb the sacred serenity and peace found ONLY in the Lord's House. Thoughts and worries I have from living in this world are purged. I feel more secure as my knowledge grows and my faith is tightened. Uber bonus: just as my face feels fresh and clean, ready to shine after a mask, so is my spiritual state following a visit to the Temple. So...when the world gets ya down, follow my prescription, it's tried and true: take yourself to one temple session and then follow that up with a $2 tube of St. Ives Clay face mask...and Call me in the morning if you don't feel like a better you! ;)

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Jan said...

Sounds like a perfect combination. I had never heard of this one before, but with that price, I can certainly do Ed too. That would be fun for our Anniversary. To purge our impurities together.

Glad you got to go to the Lord's House too. :)

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