tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM...Dynamite!

TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR ORGANIZATION! Not just for being in an organized state, but for the tools that help make it so, including: paper shredders, trash bins, hanging files, filing cabinets, totes, bins, label makers... Everything properly set in its own place, it's own Tetris-like space! Plenty was calling me from the kitchen, which I had planned on tending to, as well as floors that are STILL in need of a deep scrubbing. However, for some reason I wound up sucked into my tornado of an office. I had only meant to be in there for a few minutes; long enough to finalize the disc for one of my photo clients. Then I'd be off about my Thanksgiving Eve plans. Long story short, printer went on the fritz, and I wound up spending most of the day figuring it all out. In between all my reboots I found and RECLAIMED my desk and office from the menacing stacks of clutter. Seth helped out (which was nice to be so close to him the day after we got his MRI results back---they're saying frayed ligaments & impingement which means more surgery---the diagnosis hasn't freaked me out at all, actually I've felt peaceful, but it was still nice to spend a day on the same cause, with my husband). The end result is priceless! This evening, I walked into my office and I could feel my creative juices flowing again! Not only did I feel like singing and dancing when it was completed, its almost as if the contents of my office were thanking me for returning the room from madness. I love that the organization of it all makes me happy and makes life more fluid. I find similarity, in this experience, to the organization we see patterned for us in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love how everything just falls into place because it is organized properly. We have all the resources we need to make this a reality in our spiritual lives. Spiritual disorganization is like coffee to the soul...dark, heavy, and it stunts our growth! The Lord didn't get us here and then leave us abandoned! In fact, He has thought of and provided EVERYTHING we need! Things get messy? Just pause, utilize the resources to tidy it up, and voila!...Organized, spiritual growth. This pattern makes me want to work so much harder to maintain order, in my office, home, family, as well as spiritually. We know that God is a just God...but being able to balance justice with mercy so perfectly, requires order---for ANY sort of life to successfully exist & thrive, their must be elements and matter organized precisely. Without order, the universe could not sustain itself....it would be like many corrupt things-they may look shiny on the outside, but in reality they are imploding! Frankly, I've had more than my fill of explosions & implosions in life. So, "as for me and my house"...I'll be trying to follow His example more closely, to keep it organized so as to avoid further disaster. May we all find ourselves striving to put our "houses" in order so that we can find refuge in the peace available to each of us, through the Holy Ghost.

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