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TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE LITTLE THINGS. Thanksgiving Day is over, all my decor is packed away, and Christmas is up as of 1 hour ago. Despite moving quickly (had to, otherwise it wouldn't be up until a day or two before Christmas Eve), I did a lot of reflecting today. We had my mom, my grandfather, and my brother over for Thanksgiving dinner. The rule was that they were to bring nothing but themselves and their appetites. As we enjoyed our time together, I was touched with a great awareness and this is what my thoughts were: I am grateful for the actual ROLLING process of making dinner rolls. I am grateful for the way our turkey looked after the rub, then lightly dusted in spices right before it went on the BBQ. I am grateful for the way the green beans & mushroom soup bubbled just below the french-fried onion surface as the casserole came out of the oven. I am grateful for the way my kitchen smelled all day. I am grateful for Daisy's helpful attitude (she helped tidy up while we cooked). I am grateful for the warmth of my dog, as she curled up at my feet while I worked in the kitchen. I am grateful for the glisten off my sugar-topped very berry pie. I am grateful for the heavenly texture of my potatoes right after they were whipped. I am grateful for black olives on fingers. I am grateful for how perfectly toasted the marshmallows turned out on the yams. I am grateful for how juicy the turkey was when Seth carved it (the skin was perfectly thin with a yummy crackle to it). I am grateful for the laughter that filled my home. I am grateful for the lack of contention. I am grateful for the sound of my grandpa's voice as he called extended family for turkey greetings. I am grateful for the twinkle in both mom & grandpa's eyes as they got to just sit back and enjoy the day. I am grateful for my brother teaching Daisy card tricks. I am grateful for the hours of games played around our table. I am grateful for the nap I got to take. I am grateful for Daisy tucking a blanket under my chin. I am grateful for the last seven of these turkey holidays, and the fact that this one was by far the best! Hope Thanksgiving was an opportunity for great family traditions both old and new within your homes. May we all look for the simple things, and appreciate them for what they are: tender mercies.


Jan said...

What a lovely day. It sounds perfect. Right down to the soup bubbling over the beans. :)

Rosie said...

What a great and sincere post! You have such a eloquent way with your words. Sounds like a great and peaceful Thanksgiving. I hope you were blessed with alot of leftovers:)

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