TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE EXHALE. I'm the kind of person that is go-go-go! It's never a matter of too many irons in the fire, its always a matter of the fire just being TOO SMALL! Every so often, like a pressure cooker, I can feel the tension start to build in the back of my mind (which is usually when my fire's practically an ember). Just before that last dying glow gives out, suddenly respite comes and I am finally able to exhale. That's my favorite part! For within the brief moment before it all starts over, everything seems to reset and I'm suddenly prepared for Round 2 or 12 or whatever go-round it is at that point. I've been feeling it with work lately...that build-up. Nothing negative, just the pressure mounting in my mind. Then today came, and went, and I find myself coasting down the hill of a much needed Thanksgiving exhale. Funny thing about it all, I see this in more than just work or even family. I see this same pattern spiritually as well. Just when I feel most spent by the refiner's fire, suddenly I find my oxygen again in the Savior's transcendent power to carry and heal me. Without the spiritual breathing process, this journey wouldn't be what God intended. Both sides are a precious gift from our loving Heavenly Father. So, appreciate the inhale and hold out for the exhale!


Jan said...

What a great point. I love how you think things through. I never know what I am going to read about and then I learn something new everytime.

Exhale indeed. I needed this :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

The Evanites Tribe said...

amen to that!

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