...is a fairytale they say...

TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR CHOCOLATE SUCKERS. Ya know the kind, melt down the chocolate discs and squirt the soft, warm yummyness into the flimsy plastic molds? Anyhow, I decided to just whip some up this afternoon. Now, my poor Seth came home from church not feeling well (sore throat, icky tummy & fever) and I didn't realize it would be as big of a deal as it was. Head to toe in sweats, he shuffled on into the kitchen and (for being sick) was almost giddy! He said, "My mama used to make these before she died." Instantly my heart was warmed at the idea. Being able to give some greatly appreciated comfort to my sickly husband, Wow! I never would have imagined the tender mercy some white chocolate snowman sucker would be for him. He may still be sick, but he has been more snuggly and forgiving than usual today (not that he's a scoundrel normally). That being the case, small miracles came our way as he was able to cope better, and then as he felt a quick reconnection with the memory of his mother. "Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" -Alma 37:6 May each of our weeks be littered with tender mercies such as He sees fit to give us. May we recognize them for what they are, miracles granted by our loving Heavenly Father.

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Jan said...

That sounds so great. I never have ever said I was thankful for suckers. But now I will :)

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