I loved Kelsey's so much, thought I'd give this a try...

Kels is a brilliant friend! I adore her and her love for ice cream (cookies n' cream with soft pretzels on the side!)...I hope you all have a friend like my Kelsey. =)

  • I am: a short wife and a tall mother (atleast for another week or so)
  • I want: one more child
  • I have: all my needs met
  • I dislike: slugs, spiders, snakes, & sharks
  • I miss: my old orange referee's whistle i had as a kid
  • I fear: not being worthy of my family for eternity
  • I feel: tired
  • I hear: raindrops
  • I crave: seafoam!!!!!!!!! (Sarah, I've been hankerin for it ALL day!)
  • I cry: less than I used to
  • I usually:worry about everything
  • I search: for more time
  • I wonder: if I'll ever get a little bit taller
  • I regret: nothing- except my un-Christlike moments
  • I love: photographing moments
  • I care: about becoming a better person
  • I worry: too much
  • I am not: as patient as Heavenly Father would like me to be
  • I remember: the night I knew Seth loved me
  • I believe: I'm just the right amount of ornery
  • I dance: all the time!
  • I sing: best when no one's around
  • I don't always: live up to my own standards
  • I argue: over dumb things.
  • I write: not as much as I wish I did
  • I win: in every moment I hear "I love you, Mom"
  • I lose: every time a tear falls
  • I wish: to fulfill all my husband's needs
  • I listen: to the Spirit as often as I can
  • I can usually be found: working or sleeping or creating...well, or at Sarah's!
  • I need: nothing, well maybe a drink of water
  • I forget: stuff all the time
  • I am happy: when I can feel the Spirit

I tag: whoever wants to do it!

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