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We're just so elated at the presence of the Great Pumpkin on our front window a second year in a row! This year he's appearing with Snoopy (looks like Charlie Brown's on holiday this season). Too much fun. Seriously can't wait for Halloween this year... and maybe I've finally just realized how much I absolutely ADORE Autumn so much more than all the other seasons...either way, this is the greatest Fall yet! For those who are interested, we're having a Progressive Halloween Carnival with friends this year. Contact us if you want a copy of the schedule...its a fun & safe alternative to traditional Tricks or Treats and even Trunk-or-Treats...not to mention you get to know who your neighbors are. Bonus all the way around! It promises to be a fantastic maiden voyage of an event. We can't wait since we're hosting "EyeBall Soup" in our front yard that night! Also, on a completely other note, if you're big VeggieTales fanatics like our family then you have GOT to see the new feature-length film "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"! It just came out on DVD this week, and its now one of our instant all-time favs! Teaches great lessons about who we are, and that is truly powerful & divine! Our Heavenly Father loves us, knows where we may be weak, and causes the greatest things to come from our weaknesses if we just trust Him....we ARE children of God and that heritage in and of itself is EXTREMELY significant! So, rent the movie & then go buy it!!! =)
There you have it, a reason to cruise our neighborhood, something fun to participate in on Halloween night, and a fabulous new "must rent" movie review....talk about bang for your buck! Hot Apple Cider-warm wishes, coupled with giant afghan-cozy thoughts to you and yours. Hope that you get all your springs bulbs planted soon and that you are able to soak in all the lovely colors down to the last single fallen leaf!
Much love. =)

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