With the exception of the current governor, it's good to be back in Washington!

So, this is old news, but new news for those who have been following our sad and outdated blog, but we have returned to our roots in Washington. It was a long haul getting here, but oh does it feel right! We miss all our cherished friends from Eastern Idaho & Western Wyoming, but its good to know that winter really IS only 3-4 months long! (The whole snow-burrowing from the front door to the driveway everyday did get a bit old). So, thank you for the people we became through our arctic Idaho experience (though its still my favorite place to hike & camp!), we are such deeper, richer versions of ourselves and couldn't be who we are without ya'll.

Here's the low-down: moved back to WA in Feb.
Daisy's attending the 6th grade at MAC middle school and being exposed to Bomber football, farm implement critters in Pomeroy, not to mention hanging with the cousins and learning to play the piano.
Keely's been working hard for a local orthodontist since the move, and refamiliarizing the family with her favorite activities of yore, including Sausagefest.
Seth's been putting all his talents to work on various projects throughout the basin, as well as his Jeep (he even fabricated his own bumpers for the Rommicon)!
Hula's been playing with Molly & Daisy-dog & Sid. She also enjoys hunting wild old ladies on horseback, coyotes, tons of flies, as well as the cat.
Finally, Tuffy is our wild man! His fascination with the shower continues. 's been in heaven hopping between home and the elderly couple's house next door, hunting they're turtle statue found on their patio and making friends with field mice as well as the catnip plant under our tree. The best is watching him strung out on his kitty drugs and bounding through our vegetable jungle (insert the National Geographic theme song here, and jungle=our big ol' garden)!
All in all, great blessings have come from being home. Both material as well as spiritual....as well as fabulous new friends! We love our new ward and all we've become in God's hands. It's been the greatest experience coming home and we adore every new adventure carried on the rays of each Mid-Columbia sunrise! (Especially from the view of our back patio!) Love you all.


Anonymous said...

keely you have no idea how much i miss you. life is.. well i cant say good... but i guess its not too bad. i need to leave rexburg. i am stuck and i am going crazy. you almost made me cry... thinking about the good old days when things were so much better and easier. challenge after challenge keeps comin my way. i have questioned at times weather i can do it or not anymore. then just when i am about to give up, someone lets me know that they care and i know i will get through at least another week or so. i am trying to stay positive and happy. it is so hard. but i will pull through.
i cant wait to hear from you again!

much love~

The Evanites Tribe said...

if i can describe your blog in one word i would say that it ROCKS!! i love all your pics...and i am totally stealing ideas! love you!

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