Shamlessly Addicted to Karmin

(courtesy: karminmusic.com)
As if the dynamic duo of Karmin wasn't already on our list of ALL-TIME AWESOME, they dropped a new tasty morsel a couple weeks back and The Ranch couldn't be happier!  

Their stick-in-ya-head melody & clean lyrics, coupled with an eye-popping colorful video 
(not to mention cash money toast!) has got "Acapella" at the tip top of my personal 

BONUS: If you actually listen to the lyrics, it packs a powerful message that I hope Mini-Me learns here in her early days of dating... 

Oh yeah, by the way, Mini-Me DID in fact turn 16 almost a month ago. Have been so busy with fastpitch lessons, birthday parties, holidays, my brother's wedding, basketball tournaments, family gatherings, sports camps (girls camp details to come eventually) & roadtrips that I failed to post it here ON her actual birthday.  But she did & we survived!  Rest assured she got her license & is still ticket-free --knock on wood-- and Mr LKP's taking applications from date-able candidates, LOL! 

Falls right in line with what I admonish every time she leaves the house "Remember who you are and what you stand for." But even more so at this time in her life I hope she gains the strong foundation of an early realization that her own self-worth does not increase or diminish based on whether she's attached to someone or not.  I hope she realizes that it is MORE THAN OKAY to stand on her own two feet *without* a less than worthy companion, rather than to be stifled by the wrong relationship.  Hard lesson to learn for many, as it was for myself in my youth, but hopefully she gets it now before a great deal of heartache & doubt can enter the picture.  

So, thank you Karmin, from this grateful mama.  And to everybody else?  Crank that "Acapella" up!

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