I wanna live where the green grass grows…

Lots has been happening in the past several months since my last post. Just know that it is all awesome. Even the less awesome has been awesome!  There've still been some trials. Yet we seem to continue to overcome them in many ways. 

I love my Heavenly Father. Even though I'm frustrated by trials in their moment, I'm grateful that He loves me enough to trust me in them, as they are also blessings.  Ofttimes the little victories are exactly what I didn't realize I really needed in order to hold on until the sun finally came up.

In a way I feel like Heavenly Father's teaching me more about this as I watch the full process of our first 1.5 acres of seed corn. For even when it seems at-a-glance that nothing notable is happening, little by little powerful forces are at work, mighty miracles are being wrought, and progress is being made.

After this morning's little burst of rain, I felt compelled to get near the earth to survey the new green shoots. While there I found myself captivated by the steam whispering off the hills & valleys of each row of soil. Hardly noticeable if one is not very still, this faint but powerful evidence of things falling properly in line with His greater plan left an indelible impression on my heart. 

Much like the subtle vapors, Heavenly Father has gifted us the Holy Spirit to nurture & guide us as we grow. When our lives are in commotion it is near impossible to detect the presence of that divine influence. But if we slow down, eliminate the distractions, and simply watch, then we will realize He's been working all around us, at a safe distance from all the chaos, waiting for us to notice his absence & recognize how much we need the Holy Spirit's sacred guidance. 

Because our Heavenly Father loves & knows us, His children, He knew we would need such a readily available liaison as our ally in life. Much like seed corn, sometimes we can feel desperate for the obvious downpour, but sometimes the subtle mists serve us even better.

This is the lesson I learned while "...watch[ing] my corn pop up in rows..."


Lisa said...

This is a lovely post and analogy. I'm so grateful He is still there for me even when I feel there's a drought coming on. He showers me with nourishment and blessings.

Garden of Egan said...

Love the way you look at blessings and trials.
Sounds like your wings are being strengthened.

I look forward to seeing how the corn has grown.nce

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