Making a {Different Sort of} Splash this Summer

Life is busy.  That's an inarguable fact.

My brain's available storage capacity is now excruciatingly tiny.  That is also an inarguable fact.

That said, I still haven't sat down to compile Girls Camp details yet.  Rest assured, it was a great time.  I co-tent-mom'ed with THE grooviest gal.  We had THE best 1st years.  We created THE best "traditions" established within 4 short days. And we had THE best theme within our tent group (our camp theme was "We Stand" which gave us room to run with it as needed in our tent units):"As Children of Light WE STAND UP & STAND OUT." 

Mini-Me had the privilege of designing this year's camp t-shirt design:

And she had a fabulous time in her first year as a YCL. Despite next year being a Trek only year, she's looking forward to coming back the year after for her last year of Girls Camp.  So that's all proven to be a very good sign.  :) 

Besides camp though, we've still been all over the place. Including at the TeenVOGUE fashion show at our local mall last weekend. 

Mini-Me's runway debut was a hoot and (most importantly) from what she learned in prep for the show, she came away feeling so much more confident in the end.  So nice when a lovely, beautiful girl realizes she IS beautiful and learns to keep her chin up, even when the rest of the world would have our girls believe that modesty is out of style!  Such a good experience.

With the runway & show make-up or without, we simply adore our spunky little 16 year old, who makes the T-Swifty bangs look EVEN better than Miss Swift herself! 

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