DDD: DAY TEN - communication.

As much as I miss the intoxicating whirl of an "undialing" rotary phone, I thoroughly appreciate the convenience of communicating thoughts in the blink of an eye.

Can you imagine what our ancestors would think if they were to see smart phones, texts, emails, laptops, or tablets?

I still remember thinking how cutting edge my family was for having a push-button, non-pulsing phone with assigned speed dial buttons AND a speaker phone. I felt even cooler still when got our answering machine with mini cassette tapes that could have custom outgoing greetings recorded on it! Oh and don't get me started about the first time my ears heard the crackle-snap-beep tone of a modem logging on for a VERY brief AOL session (since we were still paying by the minute). What about early mobile phones that cost $1 a minute? Or pagers that only showed the number to call in the late 1990's? Or even newspapers, magazines, and books simply living between their tangible covers?

Yeah... to think this all is nothing compared to the drastic advances in communication my parents & grandparents have witnessed in their lifetimes... and to think this is just the beginning of what's still to come...

Thinking about it all feels very Twilight-Zone-ish. I maybe a smidge weirded out or overwhelmed by all the changes i've seen, but I am grateful to live now. It's easier to be a mover & a shaker with today's various ways to communicate.

Yep...it's much easier to tackle the world this way! ;)

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2browndawgs said...

Showing my age. I remember party lines. We had one when I was a kid until my parents could afford private. :)

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