DDD: DAY NINE - chores.

Pretty sure this snap explains it all. No rest for the weary. And believe you me, I am plumb wearied out.

Mr LKP came HOME from work sick. (Never in our 11 years of marriage has that ever happened before.) He owned the couch, the remote, the bath tub, popsicles & Gatorade, essential oils, ibuprofen and Crown-of-Sick all day long.

Mini-Me seemed fine through school, through practice, even through a parent planning meeting at the library. She & I ran in to town for some more Mr LKP meds & chicken dinner. By the time we rolled in our driveway, she started complaining about severe stomach pains -which we both just assumed were due to her not having eaten since before practice. By midnight laundry was started, everything within the blasting zone had been Cloroxed, floors had been doubly-mopped, and Mr LKP had been ousted from the couch to his own bed and dethroned from sick royalty.

This was kinda like recommended shampooing: lather, rinse, repeat. And boy have we repeated! Forget the broken record, We flat shattered the vinyl all night long! Poor girl. Poor Mr LKP. Poor sleepless me to boot.

Considering the stomach pyrotechnics of the past 24 hours, I'll gladly take a sleepless night from editing a batch of photos over this ANYTIME!

On the bright side, I'm grateful Mr LKP is no longer on the road trucking.

I'm grateful to be a mom who cares, as sadly there are kids & spouses these days who have to wage health battles on their own. Some moms may even be in the home but are not really "available" for the messy stuff.

I'm severely grateful neither of them are suffering alone.

I'm grateful to have a husband to fret over.

I'm grateful to be a mom at all. Be it 4 kids or just one, no matter how gross it gets, I'm glad I get to be a mom to someone.

I'm grateful for the power of the Priesthood, and the organization of our church which allows for promptness by which we can access Priesthood blessings...even late at night.

Worn out but grateful, cause it could always be worse.

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Valerie said...

Uh-oh! That's no fun! We had a little stomach flu bug over Christmas, but it wasn't too bad~ as far as stomach flu goes! :) Hope you escape the plague & that everyone else is feeling better soon!!!

Ann Marie said...

Way to go being the Momma.
I agree with you.. grateful I am home to serve those that I love and are suffering the most.

Take care and clorox. Repeat.

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